Texas Congressmen Weigh In On Military Action In SyriaAs President Obama says he'll seek congressional approval for military strikes against the Assad regime, several members of the Texas Congressional delegation are expressing their opinions on the idea.
Congressman Wants Do Not Track Function For Web UsersA North Texas congressman says you have a right not to be tracked while on the internet.
Rep. Joe Barton Presents Bill To Legalize Online GamblingRailing against an “unenforceable” 2006 law banning online gambling, Rep. Joe Barton (R – TX) presented a bill to Congress this week that would make the practice legal again.
Let The Friendly World Series Wagers BeginOne of the many certainties attached to a World Series or a Super Bowl or an NBA Finals is that representatives of the two participating municipalities – or states – will inevitably bet some sort of regional swag on their respective team taking the title.
Dallas Residents Sound Off Over Debt Ceiling DebateWhile the U.S. Congress struggles over what to do with the pending debt ceiling deadline, local congressional representatives are getting an earful from constituents. A common theme they are hearing is "do something."
Texan Leads House Vote To Ban Rules On New Light BulbsLegislation that would overturn measures in a 2007 energy act requiring efficiency upgrades in the old-fashioned incandescent light bulb, is being promoted by Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas.
Feds Want To Stop Texas From Monitoring Our Own Air, Congressmen SayTwo Texas Congressmen say the Environmental Protection Agency is trying to push Texas out of the job of monitoring our air quality.
House Energy Committee Chair Visits North Texas Nuclear PlantNot only are American nuclear power generators keenly aware of the problems with Japan's smoldering nuclear reactors, they're learning from them.