Soul-Searching In House As McCarthy Tries To Lock Up Top JobThe five-term California Republican moved aggressively to lock up support to move into Congress' top job.
Scramble To Fill House Jobs After Boehner ExitHouse Republicans have plunged into a chaotic leadership scramble as emboldened conservatives maneuver to yank their next leaders to the right in the wake of Speaker John Boehner's sudden resignation.
Boehner Says He'll Get Lots Done In Last MonthSpeaker John Boehner says he's determined to clean up some of the mess of a politically gridlocked Congress in his final month before his successor takes over.
House Speaker John Boehner To Step DownIn a stunning move, House Speaker John Boehner informed Republicans that he would step down at the end of October.
Boehner "Nudged" Jeb Bush On PresidencyHouse Speaker John Boehner said Monday in San Antonio that he's "nudged" former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to seek the Republican nomination for president in 2016.
Social Security In 1935: How Today's Health Law Should EvolveImagine how social security was first administered. Now imagine how the Affordable Care Act could look in 75 years.
Senate Rejects Democratic Debt Limit ExtensionThe Senate has rejected a Democratic effort to extend the government's ability to borrow money through next year.
Governor Perry Faults President Obama For Gov't Standoff Governor Rick Perry said Friday that President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats are to blame for the standoff in Washington that has led to a partial government shutdown.