Designer Drug Identified As Cause Of Plano Teen's DeathA mother has received toxicology reports confirming what she long suspected, that synthetic drugs killed her teenage son.
Father In Mourning Warns Of Dangers of Synthetic DrugsIt was before last Christmas, when Eric Brown and his family's lives changed in an instant. "It's the phone call no parent ever wants to get."
Free Synthetic Drugs Forum Being Held In PlanoParents in McKinney just want to know how three McKinney teenagers got their hands on what's believed to be called N-bombs, which is a synthetic form of LSD.
Police: 3 Students Overdose On "N-Bomb"McKinney police said three teenagers -- two boys and a girl -- younger than 17 were rushed to two different hospitals after overdosing on drugs Saturday.
Three McKinney Teens Overdose On LSD Within 24 HoursMcKinney police confirm there's been a minor outbreak of LSD overdoses after three teens were taken to the hospital within 24 hours.
LSD Found In Brownies That Hospitalized Teenage GirlThe 15-year-old Byron Nelson High School student accused of giving his girlfriend brownies laced with marijuana this week is now facing even more serious charges. Trophy Club Police Commander Lee Delk says testing showed the brownies also had LSD in them.
Study Says LSD May Help Treat AlcoholismCan a hit of acid get you to stop drinking alcohol? A new study suggests it might be time to revisit the mind-altering drug's therapeutic uses.
Drifter Set To Die For Killing 2 People In Denton CountySteven Michael Woods said he had nothing to do with the murders of Ronald Whitehead and Bethena Brosz in Denton County.