Cruz Increases Lead Over Trump In Latest KTVT-CBS 11 / Dixie Strategies PollExperts say the ultimate results in Tuesday's election could hinge on voter turn-out.
Rubio, Trump Trade Insults In North TexasNeither Marco Rubio or Donald Trump held back when it came to their opinions of each other.
Marco Rubio Makes North Texas Push Before Super TuesdayTaking the stage at Klyde Warren Park Florida senator and presidential hopeful Marco Rubio told the crowd that he is a real conservative and the person who can unite the GOP.
GOP Rivals Barrel Toward Super Tuesday After Wild Texas DebateFrom Houston, the GOP candidates spread out in the hunt for Super Tuesday votes, with Cruz headed for Tennessee and Virginia on Friday. Both Trump and Rubio are signaling they're unwilling to cede Texas, the crown jewel of Super Tuesday, to the home state senator, Cruz.
Anxious To Slow Trump, Both Rubio And Cruz Go After HimMarco Rubio and Ted Cruz barreled into Thursday's Republican debate eager to seize one last chance to slow Donald Trump's before next week's Super Tuesday mega-round of voting, and immediately took him on over his immigration positions and more.
Debate Another Chance For Cruz, Rubio To Try To Slow TrumpWith Donald Trump's grasp on the Republican presidential nomination tightening, the billionaire businessman's rivals get one more chance to challenge the GOP front-runner on the debate stage before next week's slate of Super Tuesday contests.
Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio Announces North Texas RallyRepublican presidential candidate Marco Rubio will be in North Texas on Friday.
Ted Cruz Looks To Texas & His Path ForwardThe Texas Senator said he can't wait to come home to the Lone Star State after finishing in a close third behind Marco Rubio in South Carolina.
Trump Wins South Carolina; Jeb Bush Ends White House BidFormer President George W. Bush said in a statement he congratulated his brother on his campaign.
GOP Candidate Feud Escalates In Town Hall ForumA three-way feud among the GOP's leading White House contenders escalated Wednesday, with Sen. Ted Cruz daring Donald Trump to sue him and dismissing Marco Rubio's charges of dishonesty.
Bush Swings At Trump, Rubio, Kasich On National SecurityJeb Bush is swinging at fellow Republican presidential candidates Marco Rubio, Donald Trump and John Kasich on Wednesday, dismissing them as ill-prepared as he fights for his political survival.
New Hampshire Voters Brave Snow To Cast BallotsThe nation's first presidential primary of the 2016 election season started early Tuesday morning in New Hampshire, and it seems as though a lot of people are showing up to perform their civic duty.
Santorum Ends White House Bid & Backs RubioFormer Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum ended his bid for the White House on Wednesday and said that he will support Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.
Rubio Goes After Clinton, Not His GOP RivalsRepublican presidential candidate Marco Rubio sprinted toward the Iowa caucuses Sunday, avoiding direct confrontations with his opponents and instead projecting a vision that looks more toward the general election.
Rubio Betting On Long-Haul Strategy To WinUnder pressure to emerge as the Republican mainstream's presidential contender, Sen. Marco Rubio is increasingly relying on a national strategy as he lowers expectations for February's primary contests.