Romney Not Running For President In 2016Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will not run for president in 2016. He unexpectedly said that he was considering another campaign three weeks ago.
Key Romney Donors Move Toward Jeb BushAs Mitt Romney decides whether to run again for president, he does so without several major donors who supported him in the past -- defections all to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.
Romney, Clinton Offer Signs '16 Will Be About EconomyHillary Rodham Clinton and Mitt Romney already are previewing the likely focus of the 2016 campaign.
2016 Hopefuls Quietly Court Romney MoneyThree years before the next presidential election, several prospective Republican contenders are quietly courting senior members of Mitt Romney's money machine.
Some GOP Lawmakers Reject Advice To ModerateAfter Mitt Romney's 2012 loss, many Republicans said that the party must moderate its image on some issues. But some GOP lawmakers have done the opposite.
GOP Moves To Catch Up With Democrats On TechnologyRepublicans are entering a new tech race to address the glaring technology advantage President Barack Obama enjoyed over GOP nominee Mitt Romney.
Republicans Rethink GOP StrategyMitt Romney, his campaign, and many Republicans were stunned when he lost to President Barack Obama during a weak economy.
Jeb Bush: Romney's Stance On Immigration Was CostlyJeb Bush writes in a new book that Mitt Romney moved so far to the right on immigration that it proved "all but impossible" for the Republican presidential nominee to appeal to Hispanic voters in the 2012 election.
GOP Eyes New Election LawsAfter back-to-back presidential losses, Republicans in key states want to change the rules to make it easier for them to win.
Texas Electors Gather To Cast Presidential BallotsTexas electors will gather at the State Capitol to cast the state's 38 electoral votes for president and vice president.
Mitt Romney's Loss Creates GOP Leadership VacuumMitt Romney has been a virtual ghost since his Election Day defeat. Romney's abrupt withdrawal from politics is creating a leadership vacuum within the GOP.
Last House Race Brings 2012 Election To An EndThe last undecided House race has been called for the incumbent Democrat, bringing an unofficial close to the 2012 campaign more than three weeks after Election Day.
Opinion: Republicans Finally Admitting To Voter Suppression EffortsIt is not news when Republicans try to block access to the ballot box for poor, minority and elderly voters. What is unusual is that Republicans are admitting it.
Opinion: Grover Puts Himself Before Party And CountryGrover is the ultimate in single interest constituencies in Washington. He is not accountable to anybody. He does not disclose who funds him, who pays him to do what he does or how much he is paid to blackmail GOP Members of Congress to sign his pledge not to raise taxes.
Opinion: Republicans Focus On Conspiracy Theories Instead Of Solutions For AmericaRevelations surrounding David Petraeus' affair have prompted the tin foil hat crowd on the right to find all sorts of conspiracies about why the news that CIA Director David Petraeus was having an affair with his biographer was released after the election.