Ventura Continues Kyle Defamation LawsuitFormer Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura contends that he isn't going after the widow of slain "American Sniper" author Chris Kyle by continuing his defamation lawsuit.
Routh Indicted In Deaths Of Former SEAL Kyle, FriendThe man accused of killing former Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle and another man has been indicted.
Texas House Honors Former Navy SEAL Chris KyleThe Texas House has unanimously passed a resolution honoring slain former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, saying he "was clearly dedicated to the idea of putting others first."
A Rare Medium Well Done: 2.13.13Chris Kyle was laid to rest. He caught a ride from this life in an earthen vessel bound for the afterlife. It was sad, yet the finality that all needed.
Ex-Navy SEAL Died Pursuing His Passion The former top Navy SEAL sniper who authorities say was killed at a Texas shooting range was devoted to maintaining camaraderie and helping his fellow veterans find their way after leaving active duty.
A Rare Medium Well Done: 11.14.12"Even the finest sword plunged into salt water will eventually rust". Sun Tzu wrote this passage in his book, 'The Art of War'. It was published over 2,000 years ago. It was relevant then, it's relevant now.
Controversial Billboard Message Now On Bumper StickersA North Texas billboard that garnered national attention for its election message, is expanding from the side of local highway, to highways across the nation.
Billboard Controversy Comes To North TexasA billboard that sparked a protest in Indiana because of its reference to the Navy Seals, and removing the President from office, has appeared along I-35 in North Texas.
Family Mourns Arlington Soldier Who Died In AfghanistanAmericans across the nation are mourning the loss of 30 troops, including one North Texan, who died during a helicopter attack in Afghanistan.