Cedar Hill PD Does Spot On Matthew McConaughey ParodySee Cedar Hill police Sergeant Larry Wise’s version of McConaughey's popular Lincoln car commercial.
Roy Sings A Tribute To Jerry: 'Mr. (Jerry) Jones'Friday morning on The FAN...show producer Roy White paid tribute to a man that had an incredible year - and was named Executive of the Year.
'Weird Al' Spoofs Robin Thicke In "Word Crimes"No artist is exempt from the creative mind of Weird Al Yankovic. This time, it's Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" that gets a wacky twist.
Yo! Roger Raps! With Bryan Broaddus!This week, a Fan personality and former NFL scout Bryan Broaddus grabbed the mic with Roger Emrich!
Mavs Spoof 'Anchorman' In Latest VideoDirk Nowitzki is reminding Mavs fans to 'stay classy, and stay loud' in the team's latest video, which parodies the box office hit 'Anchorman'.
Parody: "We Just Wanna See The Cowboys Win"After an unthinkable Cowboys loss to the Packers on Sunday, Troy decided to poor his heart and soul out through song.
The Other Voices Of Big TexThe State Fair of Texas is almost back and the Ben and Skin show through out some hypothetically awesome options for the next voice of Big Tex!
Ben & Skin Parody: Rangers Won't Die Ben, Brendan and KT have created the ultimate anthem to motivate a resilient Rangers team and its courageously loyal fan base clinging on to their playoff hopes.
Viral Video: A 'Life Hacks' ParodyTired of the so-called life hacks that aim to make your life easier? Then you'll enjoy this parody, with some simple solutions to your everyday problems.
Viral Video: How To Make A Viral VideoHow do you make a viral video? This video takes a scientific approach to determining what makes a video 'special'.
Viral Video: 'Sharknado 2' ParodyThe original 'Sharknado' took the country by storm, featuring flesh-eating sharks carried onto land by tornadoes. Now, there's a sequel -- kind of.