Keep The Tissue Handy: Pollen Arriving Early, Staying LateJust when you thought we could stop talking about the flu-- the sniffling, sneezing misery for many continues.
Allergy Alert! Cedar Pollen Is Bad And Now It's Got CompanyA warm, wonderful January day is something of a mixed blessing for those bothered by allergies. And if you think it’s bad now—brace yourself and buy more tissue.
Mild Winter + Wet Weather = Brutal Allergy SeasonYou can thank the mild winter and wet weather for what medical expert say will be a brutal allergy season.
Get Out Tissue, 2014 Texas Allergy Season Worse Than MostEach year the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) puts out a list of the “100 Most Challenging Places to Live With Allergies.” Usually the Dallas area is ranked about a quarter of the way down – this year Dallas is number 7!
Allergy Season Starts Early In TexasNorth Texas has already seen plenty of ice and deep freezes this winter. And yet, we are still sneezing. Allergy season starts early in Texas. But it could actually be worse.
Pollen Count for Tuesday, October 8
Pollen Count for Friday, October 4
Pollen Count for Wednesday, October 2
Weather Changes Brings Suffering For Those With AllergiesTwo days of rain has brought a lot of relief from 100 degree heat. However, it’s also kept some North Texans inside their homes.
Allergies Keeping You Up At Night? You Are Not AloneFor many North Texans, the term 'seasonal' allergies can be at best, misleading-- because sufferers know the misery is often year round... and the typical sniffling and sneezing can be just the beginning.
North Texas Allergy Sufferers Facing High Pollen CountsIt may be winter in North Texas, but we're seeing pollen counts that, in some areas, resemble springtime. Dallas had the highest pollen count in the country on Monday.