Winterizing Texas Power Plants Becomes Major Political Issue After Millions Left In Dark Without HeatGovernor Greg Abbott declared a new legislative emergency: He wants state lawmakers to require the winterization of the state's power system, and for them to provide funding to make it happen.
With Millions Of Texans Still In The Dark, ERCOT Has No Timeline For When Power Will Be Fully RestoredDespite the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) restoring power to more than half-a-million homes across the state Tuesday night, hundreds of thousands of North Texans are still in the dark and without heat.
ERCOT President Welcomes Investigation Into Mass Power Outages In TexasGovernor Greg Abbott is ordering an investigation into ERCOT, which oversees the state's electric grid, to determine what caused the mass power outage problem we’re seeing across Texas.
ERCOT Needs To Better Winterize Power Grid & Add Capacity, SMU Energy Expert SaysThe record-cold snap in Texas continues to leave between two and three million residents without power.
'My Face Is Freezing': North Texans Share Misery Of Lengthy Power Outages“This is not a rolling blackout, this is a blackout,” says Stephanie Randall. “I don’t know where rolling came from because there’s no rolling over here.”
With 'Near Blizzard Conditions Possible' In North Texas, ERCOT Expects Record-Breaking Electric UseWith what is predicted to be historically cold weather this weekend through the middle of next week in Texas, the state's electrical grid operator is expecting record-setting usage.
Perry Defends Trump Directive On Coal, Nuclear PlantsEnergy Secretary Rick Perry said coal and nuclear plants "are retiring at an alarming rate that, if unchecked, will threaten our ability to recover from intentional attacks and natural disasters."
Grid Managers Expect Record Electricity Demand This Summer The operators of the electric that keeps most of Texas energized say they expect another record-breaking summer for electric power demand.
Xcel Energy Approves $40M In New Transmission ProjectsMore than 30 miles of transmission lines and several electrical substations will be upgraded as part of eight infrastructure projects being planned by Xcel Energy.
North Texas Finding New Places To Generate PowerFor 40 years, the Tarrant Regional Water District just focused on getting water to the region. Now that water, is helping quench our thirst for power.
ERCOT Says Texas Power Supply OK For Fall, WinterThe grid operator for Texas says electric users should have sufficient supply into the winter.