'Affluenza' Teen Returning To Texas From MexicoThe Mexican lawyer for a Texas teenager who used an 'affluenza' defense in a fatal drunk driving crash said that his client has dropped an appeal against deportation and will return to Texas to face charges.
Tonya Couch Released From Jail After Bond ReductionThe mother of 'affluenza' teen Ethan Couch walked out of prison on Tuesday morning. Tonya Couch posted bond on Monday night after a judge agreed to significantly lower the amount to just $75,000.
'Affluenza' Mom Tonya Couch Bond Reduced To $75,000Tarrant County Judge Wayne Salvant lowered the bail for 'affluenza' teen Tonya Couch from $1million to $75,000. It's rules-a-plenty if she bonds out.
Ethan Couch Saga Opens Old Wounds For SurvivorsOn June 15, 2013, Lucas McConnell, 12, saw his godfather, Pastor Brian Jennings, die in a horrific crash.
Couch May Delay Deportation With Human Rights LawLawyers for a Texas teen who cited 'affluenza' as a defense in a deadly drunk driving wreck may be attempting to stall his deportation to the United States by claiming that Mexican authorities violated his human rights.
'Affluenza' Teen's Mom Deported Back To U.S. From MexicoThe mother of fugitive Texas teen Ethan Couch, known for using an 'affluenza' defense in a fatal drunk driving accident, has been returned to the U.S. from Mexico minus her son, whose deportation was delayed by a Mexican judge.
Texas Officials Working To Get "Affluenza" Teen Back To The U.S.The question today is -- what’s next for Ethan Couch? It was less than 12 hours ago when the so-called “affluenza” teen was detained in Mexico.
Passenger Blames American Airlines For Wife's DeathA Canadian man is suing American Airlines blaming the Fort Worth-based company for the death of his wife.