73 Dogs Rescued From North Texas Puppy MillAustralian Shepherds, Border Collies, German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers were saved from deplorable conditions at an alleged puppy mill.
24 Greyhounds Stolen From North Texas Dog Pound FoundTwo dozen Italian Greyhounds seized in a raid on a suspected North Texas puppy mill have been recovered after they were stolen from an animal shelter.
Animals Seized From "Puppy Mill" In Parker CountyMore than two dozen dogs and other animals were seized from a property in North Texas after they were found with afflictions including intestinal parasites, untreated wounds, malnourishment and dehydration.
Reward For Info About Dumped DogsOver the past week, 80 puppies have been dumped in Denton County, and the Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT) is offering a reward for information about whoever is doing it.
Humane Society Short On Space After SeizureThe Humane Society doesn't normally encourage holiday pet adoptions without careful consideration but feels it has no choice after many animals were received Friday.
Local SPCA Details The Horrors Of Puppy MillsPuppy mills are places where hundreds of breeding dogs are caged for their entire lives and forced to live in crowded and filthy conditions.
Alleged Puppy Mill Busted In Kaufman County, AgainApproximately 50 dogs have been rescued from an alleged puppy mill in Kaufman County. Workers with the Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) say the dogs were found living in “deplorable conditions”.
Pet Store May Close Over Protests