RJ Choppy's 'Degenerate' College Football Picks - Week 1The Degenerate returns for another season of marginal success and minimal winnings to bring you more picks of the week!!
Roy & Shan React To Choppy's Missing GoatteeRJ walked in this morning without his goatee ... He hasn't lived without a goatee since HIGH SCHOOL!
RJ Choppy: Why I Hate The Cardinals
How Will RJ's Life End?How and when you die - no one ever truly knows. How do you think RJ will die?
2016 Fan CombineAs The Fan prepares to head to the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, we decided to hold our own Fan Combine to test the athletic abilities of some of our finest radio hosts.
Choppy: The Kings Are The Latest NBA Soap OperaLooks like the Kings are going to 'retain' George Karl. This after they said they were gonna fire him. What a trainwreck the Kings are
RJ Gets A Surprise From Comedian Jessimae PelusoAs any good show host would do, The Fan's RJ Choppy was preparing for his Friday interview with comedian Jessimae Peluso by checking out her twitter account.
Video: RJ Choppy's Texas Legends Calls - Love MoviesThe Fan's RJ Choppy brings the world of 'Love Story movies' into the Texas Legends game by calling big plays with love movie quotes!
Video: Choppy Goes 'Star Wars' At Texas Legends GameThe Fan's RJ Choppy is quickly gaining viral status for his calls at the NBA D-League Texas Legends games.
Coach Banister Lectures Choppy On Cowboys 'Team Tank' TalkRJ caught up Rangers head manager Jeff Bannister at the Rangers holiday luncheon and Banny didn't want to talk Rangers
Another Round Of Picks From 'The Degenerate'It's another round of picks for you to throw money at, all from your reliable betting source "The Degenerate"
The Degenerate Picks The Big College Weekend
More Degenerate Picks For Pro, College FootballAnother good week tease wise from the Degenerate. Lets keep that momentum going!
The 'Degenerate' Picks The Pro, College Weekend Games3-1 ATS last week. Lost both teasers if you went that route, however...check out this weeks picks from the Degenerate
The Degenerate Picks Your Football PicksA perfect 6 team teaser last week means we’re going back to it this week. I’ll give regular ATS picks as well, but the Teasers have been hitting this year.