Dallas Judge Rules That Higher Education Affords Greater Freedom"[My degree] continues to afford me the ability, freedom and flexibility to earn a fruitful income while also raising a family," says Judge Holly Fox.
Professor Says Higher Education Opens A World Of Opportunities"Education has also broadened my mind to accept and respect the opinions of others, thereby making me balanced and fair minded," says Dr. Suryakant T. Desai.
Dallas Tech Entrepreneur Considers Master’s Degree To Expand BusinessKyla Porter is pursuing a master's degree to expand her business as well as her own confidence.
Best Places To Buy Holiday Sweaters In DFWWith holiday parties and festive gatherings with friends and family, to look one's best or make a special fashion statement, one need not look further than these interesting shops that offer holiday sweaters.
Master’s Degree Expands Options For Dallas Research Supervisor"Increasing the capacity that I am able to help others is my biggest reward," says Elizabeth Owens.
Like A Good Neighbor, State Farm Is In North DallasA two million square foot complex will be sure to bring abundant jobs to the Dallas area.
Earning An MBA Helped Broaden Dallas Manager's CareerAn MBA allowed Kevin Stevens to spend time in Asia this past summer and gain immensely talented friends who have become an important part of his life.
Technology Sector Continues To Grow In North Dallashe technology industry is growing in North Texas. Aligned Data Centers recently announced its plan to open a $300 million, 30-megawatt data center complex in Plano.
Ask A DFW Chef: 3 Traditional Chanukah RecipesTina Wasserman is a cooking instructor in Dallas, a Judaic Food Historian and author of two cookbooks, and now she's offering some great recipes to help you celebrate Chanukah deliciously.
Dallas Psychology Doctor Says Education Opened Up An Unknown Field"I had great mentorship and role models in my education who opened up a field that I did not even know existed until I took a college course in health psychology," said Dr. Jamie Becker.
Dallas Cooking Teacher Counts On Education For Building A CareerTina Wasserman encourages others to pursue a master's degree "if it will enhance your business or intellectual acumen."
Dallas Senior Director Shares Her Path To Earning Her Master's"The biggest reward from earning my master's was the sense of accomplishment I had when it was completed," says Darcy Wessinger, Senior Director of the Heart Center at Children's Health.
Dallas Startup CEO Uses Her Master’s Degree To Ignite A Career Change"[Earning my master's degree] was a transformative experience for me that ultimately set me on the path to become an entrepreneur," says Julia Cheek, CEO of Everly Wellness Inc.
Master’s Degree Creates Entrepreneurial Opportunities Says Dallas CEO"An MBA has opened a lot of doors for me both as a consultant and an entrepreneur," says Jack Hooper.
Best Pierogies In DFWYou don't have to go to Europe to find good European cuisine. Check out these DFW area locations for some of the best pierogies, borscht, goulash, sausage, caviar and sauerkraut.