Number Of US Abortions May Be Increasing Slightly After Decades Of DeclineAfter a long decline abortions in the U.S. appear to be inching up, though officials are cautious about calling it an upward trend because a government report is incomplete.
Still No Ruling From The US Supreme Court On Texas' New Abortion LawThe high court's first decision of the term deflated expectations that the justices would resolve the issue of whether Texas' ban on most abortions could be challenged in federal court.
Conflict Over Abortion Laws Won't Abate If Roe v. Wade FallsThe demise of Roe v. Wade would return abortion policymaking to states, continuing the battle over abortion access.
Texas Abortion Ban Stays In Force As Supreme Court Justices Mull OutcomeIt's been more than two weeks since the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments over Texas' restrictive abortion law and, so far, there's been no word from the justices.
Texas Doctor Dr. Alan Braid Sued After Defying State's Abortion BanA San Antonio doctor who said he performed an abortion in defiance of a new Texas law was sued by two people seeking to test the legality of the state's near-total ban on the procedure.
Texas Fetal Heartbeat Law Banning Most Abortions In State Now In EffectA Texas law banning most abortions in the state took effect at midnight, and the U.S. Supreme Court has yet to act on an emergency appeal to put it on hold.
'Not Passing The Torch, Sharing It', Gloria Allred Celebrates 80th Birthday With Lake Highlands High Valedictorian Paxton SmithLake Highlands High School Valedictorian Paxton Smith accepted an invitation from Gloria Allred to celebrate the acclaimed American women's rights attorney's 80th birthday.
Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Abortion Ban Case That Threatens Roe v. WadeThe Supreme Court agreed Monday to hear a case on a 15-week abortion ban that could end with justices gutting the Roe v. Wade Texas ruling and dramatically altering nearly 50 years of rulings on abortion rights.
Landmark US Supreme Court Decisions Since 1789Here is a look at some of the most important cases decided by the US Supreme Court since 1789.
National Right To Life Organization Endorses Congresswoman Kay Granger For Re-ElectionThe nation's oldest and largest pro-life organization has endorsed U.S. Rep. Kay Granger for re-election.
Texas: Evangelical Women's Health Group Owes State $1.5MAn Associated Press investigation found that the group came nowhere close to serving 50,000 women, as it had promised.