ERCOT Conducts Rolling Blackouts In South Texas The operator of the electric grid for most of the state of Texas initiated a series of rolling blackouts in South Texas after problems arose in the area's transmission network.
Texas Power Market Decision May Come In Early '14 A decision could come early next year about how Texas plans to help ensure its energy reserves meet rising demand for power amid the state's booming economy and population.
ERCOT Calling For Afternoon Energy ConservationYesterday the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) announced that electricity demand had set a new July record. Today the electric grid operator for most of the state is recommending conservation.
Official: Texas Electric Supply Will Be Tight The Texas power grid barely has enough electricity to meet demand this summer, and an unexpected drop in generation or spike in demand could lead to rolling blackouts, the president of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas testified Tuesday.
New App Monitors Status Of State's Electric GridERCOT has released a free app that provides updates on the status of the state's electric grid and tips on how to conserve power when conservation efforts are needed most.
Texas Power Outages Looming Next SummerWinter is just beginning, but the state is already warning about a big problem Texans potentially face next summer: rolling blackouts.
Rolling Power Outage Emergency LiftedRolling power outages may begin in Texas homes as the state's electrical grid is again being pushed to the brink by triple-degree heat.
ERCOT Warns North Texans To Conserve EnergyThe manager of the Texas electrical grid is appealing for users to cut back on their electricity usage for the rest of the afternoon.
Texas Senate To Investigate Rolling BlackoutsTwo Senate committees will hold joint hearings into why power plants shut down unexpectedly earlier this month.
North Texas Could See More Rolling BlackoutsMany people will be struggling to stay warm on Thursday. This means that rolling power outages could potentially return.
DFW Hospital Council Wants Answers About BlackoutsWith more winter weather and freezing temperatures in the forecast this week, the organization representing 75 hospitals in North Texas wants some answers about last weeks rolling blackouts.