Ron Paul Brings 'Town Hall' Tour To Fort WorthRepublican presidential contender Ron Paul continues his three-day "town hall" tour of Texas with an event in Fort Worth.
Santorum Dropping Out Of Presidential RaceRick Santorum is facing political reality. He is suspending his campaign today -- but essentially, he's dropping his run for the White House.
Ron Paul To Visit Fort Worth For Town Hall EventThe only Texas Republican still running for President makes a campaign stop in Fort Worth on Wednesday.
Army Reserve Reprimands Soldier Who Backed Ron PaulA soldier who went on national television in his military fatigues to endorse Texan Ron Paul's presidential campaign has been reprimanded but not dismissed from the Army Reserve, a spokeswoman said Friday.
Ron Paul Wants To Debate As Long As PossibleRon Paul said that he has no plans to drop out of the Republican presidential race, despite the fact that he is way behind in last place.
At D.C. Journalists Dinner, Perry Plays The Comedian Texas Gov. Rick Perry took to the stage at an exclusive journalists' gala Saturday night to roast himself — and poke fun at his gubernatorial predecessor George W. Bush, and presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.
New Poll Puts Romney Back On Top Of TexasA new poll on the Texas primary race is good news for Mitt Romney.
Alabama Polls Bring Bad News To GingrichTwo new polls show Newt Gingrich is running third place in a state that he needs to win badly -- Alabama. Voters there head to the polls on Tuesday.
Super Tuesday Results May Determine Primary's FutureOhio and Tennessee are two important states Tuesday, because they are the biggest contests in which candidates don't have a home advantage.
Super Tuesday: High Stakes For GOP HopefulsVoters in 10 states participate in primaries and caucuses on Tuesday, and no one candidate is expected to deliver a knockout blow.
Ron Paul Predicts 3 Wins On Super TuesdayRon Paul sounded optimistic about the rest of the Republican nominating process, predicting he will win three states on Super Tuesday.
Romney Wins Washington GOP Caucuses Mitt Romney rolled to a double-digit victory in Washington state's Republican presidential caucuses Saturday night, his fourth campaign triumph in a row and a fresh show of strength in the run-up to 10 Super Tuesday contests in all regions of the country.
Can Santorum Keep the Momentum?As Santorum has said repeatedly, if you don't like the state of the race, wait a couple of weeks, and it will change.
The Fink Files: A Conversation With Former Florida Governor Jeb BushThe popular former Governor is still a Republican heavy-hitter.
The Fink Files: Debates Prove Frontrunner Status is Albatross Around Candidate's NeckRick Santorum entered last night's debate as the frontrunner. As a result, he was beaten up by his Republican challengers.