The Foote Files: Pseudo EchoIn 1987, Pseudo Echo recorded and release the song “Funkytown," written and produced by Steven Greenberg. The song was a hit for the group, hitting #6 on the American Billboard and was on the charts for ten weeks.
The Foote Files: Jagger & BowieThe Jagger/Bowie version of "Dancing In The Streets" was released August 12, 1985 and got all the way to #7 on Billboard and #1 on the UK charts.
The Foote Files: The HoneydrippersThe Honeydrippers consisted of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page (formerly of Led Zeppelin), Jeff Beck (from the Yardbirds and his own group from the late 60s) and Nile Rodgers (from the band Chic).
The Foote Files: The Go-Go'sFrom 1981-1984, the group charted five times on the Billboard Hot 100.
The Foote Files: Lipps, Inc. And FunkytownFunkytown stayed #1 in the U.S. for four weeks in May/June 1980.
The Foote Files: Donnie IrisDonnie Iris (born Dominic Ierace on February 28, 1943 in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania) is an American rock singer/songwriter and guitarist.
The Foote Files: Simple MindsSimple Minds was a pop/rock band from Glasgow, Scotland, who were most active between 1985-1986.
The Foote Files: Irene CaraIf you were living the life in the early 1980s as a young man or lady, you will remember singer Irene Cara.
The Foote Files: Tracey UllmanTracey Ullman (born December 30, 1959 in England) is known for her on-screen work in theatrical movies and television, in both the UK and the U.S.
The Foote Files: U2 & Angel Of HarlemU2 started charting on Billboard in 1984 but by 1987, they were one of the world's most popular rock band acts.
The Foote Files: Agnetha FaltskogA look at ABBA pop singer Agnetha Faltskog.