Some North Texas Small Business Owners 'Terrified' Loans May Not Be ForgivenAfter qualifying for a loan under the Paycheck Protection Program, some small business owners are now reluctant to spend it.
Dallas Area Restaurants Reopen To Less Than Booming Business: 'It's So New Just Starting Out'While it’s a day so many North Texans have waited for, the response didn't necessarily reflect that.
McKinney To Offer Up To $1,500 Grants To Small Businesses, Nonprofits Impacted By CoronavirusApplications will be accepted online for 10 days starting Friday, May 1.
North Texas Business Owner Struggling With What To Do When Coronavirus Stay At Home Order Ends“I don’t feel great about it, but the status quo isn’t great either,” said Brad Schweig, whose family runs Sunnyland Outdoor Living stores in Dallas and Frisco.
'It's Insane, It's Quick And It's Devastating': CBS Business Analyst On Coronavirus' Economic & Employment ImpactJill Schlesinger said it's difficult to know at this point if reopening businesses will alleviate unemployment.
North Texas Business Offering Free Car Washes For Those Supporting Local RestaurantsThe owners of Q Car Wash are supporting local businesses by offering free car washes to customers who have made a purchase at an area restaurant.
The Ins And Outs Of Small Business LoansThe U.S. Senate has appropriated additional $310 billion to the Paycheck Protection Program. The House is expected to vote on Thursday.
Coronavirus Your Money And More: Small Business Struggles Special Report ReplayComing up this tonight on CBS 11 News at 6, we are going to dive deeper into the struggles many small businesses are facing during the COVID-19 shutdown.
Dallas Small Business Owner Frustrated After Congress Lets SBA Program Run Out Of MoneyRepublicans in the Senate and House blame Democrats for the standoff. Democrats want to spend more money for hospitals and local governments.
Dallas Dry Cleaner Has Empathy For Unemployed Customers Who Haven't Picked Up Their ClothesWith so many people out of work, Julio Davalos says many of his dry cleaning customers haven’t returned for clothes dropped off in February.
New Program Launched To Help Small Businesses In Texas Hit Hard By CoronavirusGovernor Greg Abbott announced a new program that will provide $50 million in loans.
Coronavirus In Texas: Crisis Taking Toll On Small Businesses: 'It's Really Hard To Pay The Lease When I Can't Work'A photography studio owner in McKinney said not only can’t she operate right now, her landlord locked her out five days after her rent was due.
Small Business Owners Can Now Apply To Get Money From Government During Coronavirus OutbreakThe Small Business Administration is accepting applications for a new program called the Paycheck Protection Program.
North Texans File Dozens Of Price Gouging Complaints During Coronavirus OutbreakThe businesses named on the Texas Attorney General’s list of price gouging complaints grows by the day, but none of those CBS 11  checked could be verified.
Keller's Chamber Of Commerce Offering To Pay Half Your Meal From Local Restaurants In AprilWhen placing an order online, just use the code word, "COMMUNITY" and the restaurant will take $10 off $20 and $5 off $10.