Ready For A Weather Whiplash? North Texas Begins Gradual Thawing Out ProcessAfter a long, challenging stretch of winter weather, North Texas begins the gradual thawing out process starting Thursday and Friday.
ONCOR Says 150,000 North Texans Still Without Power, 'Recognizes Hardships'There are currently 150,000 remaining Oncor customers without power, according to a release from the electric utility. 
DFW Weather: Gradual Warm-Up To Begin, Metroplex No Longer Under Winter Storm WarningThe DFW Metroplex is no longer under a winter storm warning. From here on out we are only talking about a gradual warm-up.
Below Freezing North Texas Temperatures, But Length Of The Winter Storm Warning ShortenedEven though snow is falling across North Texas this morning there is some good news, the length of the Winter Storm Warning issued for North Texas has been shortened.
Another Winter Storm With Snow And Ice Moving Through North Texas Wednesday MorningThe Metroplex will have a wide range of snow amounts ranging from 1" in the southern edge to 4" in the northern edge.
Bitter North Texas Cold Makes For Difficulty Keeping Ice Off Roads“We can do the treatment, the heavy salts, the sand, plow things out of the way but still at the end of the day, the surface is frozen," an NTTA spokesperson warned.
Texas National Guard Deployed To Help Get Residents To Warmth, Power Issues Continue Due To Winter WeatherGov. Greg Abbott said Texas National Guard troops will be deployed across the state to help conduct welfare checks and move residents, like the elderly, to local warming centers.
New Winter Storm Warning Goes Into Effect For North Texas Tuesday Evening"Heavy mixed precipitation" is expected with total snow accumulations of 2 to 6 inches with the heaviest amounts northeast of the Metroplex.
Texas' Winter Blast Halts Delivery Of COVID-19 VaccineTexas, which was due to receive more than 400,000 additional vaccine doses this week, now does not expect deliveries to occur until at least Wednesday.
DFW Weather: Area Seeing Historically Cold Temperatures, Wind Chill Warning In EffectNorth Texas continues to see record-breaking cold temperatures after a winter storm moved through the area.
Temperatures 'Dangerously Cold,' More Winter Weather On The WayThe bottom line is temperatures are dangerously cold across North Texas, and on top of that we’ve got more winter weather on the way.