Judge Says He Can't Block Texas Sonogram LawA federal judge in Austin said Monday that he couldn't block a Texas law requiring women to have a sonogram before having an abortion any longer because an appeals court had ordered it to take effect.
Texas Sonogram Lawsuit In Austin Federal CourtA constitutional fight over a Texas law requiring a woman to have a sonogram before getting an abortion is back in federal court.
Court Clears Immediate Enforcement Of Abortion LawA federal appeals court cleared the way Friday for the immediate enforcement of a new abortion law in Texas requiring doctors to conduct a sonogram before the procedure.
State Abortion Law Still In Limbo After Court RulingThe court may have ruled that Texas should be allowed to enforce a new abortion law, but that doesn't mean the law will be enforced anytime soon.
Court Says Texas May Enforce Abortion LawA Texas abortion law that requires doctors to show sonograms to patients can be enforced while opponents challenge the measure in court.
Court Hears Arguments Over Texas Abortion LawA court is reviewing a judge's decision to temporarily block Texas from enforcing a law requiring doctors to show sonograms to abortion patients.
Supreme Court Blocks Texas Abortion Sonogram LawThe law forces women to have a sonogram and hear a description of the fetus before an abortion can be performed.
Sonograms Still To Be Required Prior To AbortionsA new law aimed at reducing the number of abortions in Texas is set to go into effect this fall, even though some of the toughest provisions of the measure will likely be tied up in litigation for months.