18-Year-Old Joining Blue Origin Spaceflight Out Of Texas Next WeekWhen a Blue Origin flight rockets out of Texas next week, 18-year-old Oliver Daemen will be the youngest person in space, while Wally Funk will be the oldest at 82.
Winning Auction Bid To Fly In Space With Jeff Bezos: $28MThe Blue Origin flight featuring Jeff Bezos takes place next month out of West Texas.
Off-Roading On The Moon: NASA To Use New Lockheed Martin-GM Rovers On Upcoming Artemis MissionsHumans have explored only 5% of the Moon’s surface, and to reach the other 95%, NASA astronauts on the Artemis program are going to need some serious wheels.
Who's An Astronaut As Private Spaceflight Picks Up Speed?As more companies start selling tickets to space, a question looms: Who gets to call themselves an astronaut?
SpaceX Starship SN11 Rocket Explodes Amid Fog During Botched Landing Sequence In Texas SpaceX's latest Starship prototype, SN11 took to the Texas skies just fine March 30. It was returning to earth when there was a problem.
Spacewalkers Complete 4 Years Of Power Upgrades For StationA four-year effort to modernize the International Space Station's power grid is finally complete.
How And When To See The 'Christmas Star' In North Texas Tonight, Clear Skies ExpectedThose who miss tonight's major conjunction will have to wait until 2080 to witness another 'illusion of angle of view' of Jupiter and Saturn.
Democrat, Former Texas Resident And Astronaut, Mark Kelly Flips Republican Senate Seat In ArizonaRetired astronaut Mark Kelly, who lived in the Houston area for 15 years during his time at the Johnson Space Center has won the Arizona Senate seat once held by John McCain.
Jeff Bezos' Company, Blue Origin, Launches Space Tourism Rocket Test From Texas SiteBlue Origin, the rocket venture founded by Jeff Bezos, launched its space tourism rocket from its West Texas test site to the edge of Earth's atmosphere on Tuesday.
Potty Training: NASA Tests New $23M Titanium Space ToiletNASA's first new space potty in decades is getting a not-so-dry run at the International Space Station before flying to the moon.
NASA Astronaut, Texas Resident Kate Rubins To Cast Ballot From SpaceNASA astronaut and Houston-area resident Kate Rubins said Friday that she plans to cast her next vote from space, which is allowed under Texas law.