Texas 'Bathroom Bill' May Shape 2018 GOP Primary CampaignsWhether Texas eventually enacts a law requiring transgender people to use public restrooms according to their birth-certificate gender, the issue is looming large over Republican primaries set for March.
Some DISD Members Against 'Bathroom Bill' In Special SessionAs members of the Texas legislature return to Austin for a special session, some Dallas ISD leaders are pushing back.
Governor Abbott Formally Convenes Special SessionGovernor Greg Abbott has formally called state lawmakers into a special legislative session beginning next week.
Governor Abbott Requests Lawmakers Pass 20 Bills During Special SessionGovernor Greg Abbott scolded Texas lawmakers Tuesday for having to call them back for a special session on July 18.
Governor Abbott Says Bathroom Bill Will Be Topic Of Special SessionTexas Governor Greg Abbott announced a special legislative session on Tuesday afternoon.
Governor Abbott Announces Special Legislative SessionThe Governor hasn't offered any clues whether he will have lawmakers consider legislation involving property tax reform and bathroom privacy.
Special Session Looms For Texas LegislatureGovernor Abbott said his biggest disappointment was the fact that lawmakers didn't pass a sunset bill, that would allow the Texas Medical Board and four other state agencies to continue operating past September.
Are 140 Days Enough? Abbott Delays Special Session DecisionGovernor Greg Abbott says he won't make a decision until later this week on whether to call state lawmakers back to work as their 140-day legislation session ends Monday.
Davis Calls For Settlement In School Finance Suit Democratic candidate for governor Wendy Davis is calling on Texas to settle a school finance lawsuit and convene a special session of the Legislature.
Texas Legislature Passes Roads Bill, Adjourns 3rd Special SessionThe third time is a charm for Texas lawmakers, as the Texas Legislature ends the third special session of the year after passing a major transportation measure.
Texas Legislature Debates Road Funding The Texas Legislature has convened to debate new funding for roads and bridges by diverting money from the state's Rainy Day Fund.
Road Debate Will Start Third Special SessionGov. Rick Perry has called the Legislature back for a third special session to approve more money for roads, but the main sticking point centers on what is the most conservative way to fund them without raising taxes.
Weary State Lawmakers Tackle Road Funding AgainAn unusual eighth month of the Texas Legislature is starting with weary lawmakers still searching for compromise on new transportation funding.
Governor Perry Calls Third Special Session To Boost Road FundingGovernor Rick Perry has called lawmakers into a third special session minutes after the second special session formally ended.
State Lawmakers Look To Finish Road FundingThe Texas Senate and House could wrap up the second special session by approving a proposed constitutional amendment increasing funding for road and bridge construction.