Supply Chain Shortages: 10 Things You May Have Trouble Finding In The 2021 Holiday SeasoniPhone 13s, gaming consoles, Christmas lights and turkeys have all been caught up in the global snarl.
Scottish Rite Hospital In Dallas Makes Plea For Donated Crutches Amid National ShortageScottish Rite Hospital in Dallas has joined Cook Children's in making a plea for donations of new or gently used crutches in any size (youth and adult).
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Supply Chain Issues: 'There Really Are Problems Everywhere,' Even For Small CompaniesExtensive slowdowns all along the supply chain are keeping consumers from buying what they want when they want, suggesting broader problems across the economy.
Cook Children's Seeking Donations To Combat Potential Shortage Of Aluminum CrutchesCook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth says it is down to about two months worth of aluminum crutches.
Even Holiday Cards May Be Tougher To Find This Year Due To Paper Supply ShortageCompanies that sell holiday cards are already seeing an influx of shoppers picking them up, and employees say it’s for good reason. They may be harder to find later.
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Supply Chain Crisis Forces Fort Worth Restaurant To CloseDrew's Soul Food Restaurant has closed its doors, shifting to catering only, as the owners struggled to secure the supplies needed to stay open.
Supply Chain Issues Have Created An Alcohol Shortage As Holidays ApproachBottles of everything from champagne to whiskey to tequila are flying off the shelves, and not just because of demand.