Dallas' Paid Sick Leave Requirement Draws Ire, Possible Challenge From Texas Attorney General Ken PaxtonTexas Attorney General Ken Paxton is arguing that only state lawmakers can require businesses to offer paid sick leave and that it's not up to individual cities.
Texas AG Ken Paxton's Office Asks Court Of Appeals To Allow State To Defund Planned ParenthoodOn behalf of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office, Solicitor General Kyle Hawkins presented oral arguments saying Medicaid recipients cannot use lawsuits to force taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.
Sen. Angela Paxton Says Bill To Change State Securities Law 'Has Literally Nothing To Do' With Husband's Criminal CaseSen. Angela Paxton says her legislation is about consumer protection and was driven by constituents in her suburban Dallas district.
Texas Attorney General, Universities Face Lawsuit Over Israel Boycott LawThe ACLU says the law went into effect last year and that similar requirements appear in more than a dozen states but still violate First Amendment protections.
4 Women Accused In Paid Voter Fraud RingThe suspects face dozens of felony charges connected to mail-in ballots.
Texas Supports School That Expelled Student Over Pledge Of AllegianceThe state of Texas is supporting a Houston-area school that expelled a student after she refused to stand for the flag during the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance.
First Black Woman Elected Sheriff In Texas IndictedAuthorities say the first black woman elected sheriff in Texas and two other candidates for the post were indicted for criminal violations for fraud related to campaign contributions.
Texas Accuses More Schools Of 'Unlawful Electioneering'Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has ordered two more school districts to stop "unlawful electioneering activities," accusing them of using state funds to endorse a political candidate.
Texas Attorney General Raises $500K For Own Criminal DefenseTexas Attorney General Ken Paxton has now raised more than $500,000 to pay for private attorneys who are defending him on criminal securities fraud charges.
54-Year-Old Man Arrested For Possession Of Child PornRobert Odean Fry, 54, of Brownwood was arrested after pornographic images of children were found on his cell phone.
Federal Judge Tosses SEC Suit Against Texas Attorney GeneralA federal judge on Thursday dismissed claims by the U.S. government that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton fraudulently duped wealthy investors before taking office.