'Up To This Challenge,' Texas First State To Administer 1 Million COVID-19 VaccinesTexas has administered more than 1 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine—making Texas the national leader in vaccinations.
Hospital Group: Some Rural Texas Hospitals Have Yet To Receive A Single COVID-19 Vaccine DoseThere's been a lot of buzz about mega COVID-19 vaccination hubs opening in Texas' biggest cities, but as that happens some frontline health care workers in the state remain unprotected.
Hundreds Of Texas Providers Prepare To Receive First Doses Of COVID Vaccine, Including 28 Large HubsThe CDC is expected to ship first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to more than 225 providers in Texas this week -- including 28 hub providers that will focus on large community vaccination efforts.
Texas' Record COVID-19 Hospitalization Rate Nears 14,000COVID-19 patients in Texas hospitals numbered 13,921 Friday, Jan. 8, marking the state’s 12th consecutive daily record, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.
COVID-19 Cases Exhausting Texas ICU Beds As Hospitalizations Soar To Record LevelsHospitalizations with the illness the coronavirus causes set a ninth-consecutive record by topping 13,300 on Tuesday, with 626 patients requiring intensive care.
Dallas County Reports Record High Hospitalizations, Near Record 2,794 New COVID-19 Cases And 20 Deaths"We as individuals control these numbers and our actions drive them up or down. Please follow the recommendations to limit all non-essential activity," said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.
Seeking COVID-19 Vaccine? Texas Hospitals Offer TipsFirst, they recommend going online and check your doctor, local hospital, local pharmacy or local health department’s website and/or social media for vaccine availability information.
Dallas County Reports 1,570 New Coronavirus Cases, 17 More Deaths“January and February will likely be our highest months for hospitalizations and new cases," said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.
North Texas Doctor Says Demand For COVID-19 Vaccine Is Taking A Toll On His OfficeAs COVID-19 cases continue to surge in North Texas, there’s major demand for the vaccine. One doctor calls it a blessing and a curse.
Texas Vaccine Providers: Rollout Of 2nd Vaccine Phase Doesn't Mean Patients Can Find Or Get ShotsThey said no COVID-19 vaccine should be kept 'in reserve' but while state leaders in Texas push for faster vaccinations health officials admit shipments to the state have been delayed or needed to be replaced.
Report: Texas Has Only Used 1/4 Of Allotted COVID-19 Vaccine, But Good Luck Finding Any DosesTexas' top health official, Dr. John Hellerstedt, sent a message to health care providers Tuesday labelled “urgent”. Concern is growing that much of the COVID-19 vaccine could be sitting unused.
Dallas County Reports 1,129 New Positive Coronavirus CasesTuesday afternoon Dallas County Health and Human Services reported 1,129 new positive cases of COVID-19 in Dallas County, 882 confirmed cases and 247 probable cases.
Texas Leaders Push For Quick COVID-19 Vaccinations, Say No Shots 'Should Be Kept In Reserve'COVID-19 vaccine providers in Texas, who have already received doses, are being urged by state leaders to give them out as quickly as possible.
Dallas County Reports 1,243 New Positive COVID-19 Cases And 15 More DeathsCases of the coronavirus continue to climb in Dallas County. On Monday, Dallas County Health and Human Services reported 1,243 additional positive cases of COVID-19.
Coronavirus Hospitalizations In Texas Approach Pandemic's Summer PeakTexas Department of State Health Services reported 10,868 patients hospitalized with confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state on Christmas