Fire Report Says Homes Need Bigger BufferTexas Forest Service officials say last year's devastating Bastrop County wildfire has shown that the vegetation-free area around a home should extend beyond the long-accepted recommendation of 30 feet.
Texas Trees Killed By More Than DroughtA forestry expert said that the 2011 Texas drought weakened trees, but was likely not why millions of them died. Environmental factors already stressed the trees that did not survive.
Texas Forest Service Warns Homeowners Of Dead TreesThey're an accident waiting to happen: Dying and dead trees standing yards, near homes, driveways, even your neighbor's house.
Texas Wildfire Caution Urged With FireworksTexas drought conditions have improved this year, but the Texas Forest Service said that Fourth of July revelers should still practice caution with fireworks.
Firefighters Brace For Potentially Destructive SummerSeveral brush fires had already erupted before the unofficial start to summer: Memorial Day. For firefighters the dry conditions are coming too soon.
Crews To Count Texas Trees Killed By DroughtThe Texas Forest Service has started a more specific drought count to determine how many trees died from last year's devastating dry spell. The survey will take two months.
Evacuation Order Lifted For West Texas WildfireAn evacuation order for a rustic residential development threatened by a West Texas wildfire has been lifted after firefighters were able to ring the fire with a containment line.
Texas Wildfire Near Homes, But Not AdvancingAn official said that a wildfire threatening a rugged West Texas resort has not crossed the lines built to stop it, and firefighters are making progress.