Sorting Through Details Of SB 1 As Texas House Remains At StandstillEven though the full Texas House and committees can't consider any bills, there was still plenty of debate -- via dueling news conferences -- about what's actually in the election integrity bills.
Texas Democrats Who Flew To Washington During Special Session Could Be ArrestedDozens of Texas Democrats who flew to Washington, D.C., to break quorum in Austin could be arrested once they return to the Texas Capitol.
Answering Questions Surrounding Standstill During Texas Special SessionThere are many questions surrounding the Texas Democrats' decision to leave the state during a special session and how it affects any proceedings. Here are some answers.
Texas GOP Advances New Voting Restrictions As Hundreds Push BackTexas Republicans made clear they intended to advance a bill — which would prohibit 24-hour polling places, ban drop boxes and stop drive-thru voting — this weekend, with a vote on the proposals expected this week.
Some Texas Democrats Ready To Walk Again As GOP Continues Push For New Voting MeasuresSome Texas Democrats are looking into the possibility of staging a second walkout as state Republicans continue their push for sweeping voting measures during the special session.
Texas House Passes Botham Jean Act To Address Police Body-Worn CamerasThe Texas House of Representatives gave final approval to a bill Friday, May 14, that increases requirements on police officers who are wearing body cameras.
Texas House Passes Bill Limiting Governor’s Powers During PandemicsUnder House Bill 3, Governor Greg Abbott and future Governors would need to work more closely with the state legislature.
Texas House Set To Debate Elections BillThe Texas House of Representatives is set to debate HB 6, an elections security bill that has generated national headlines and controversy around the state.
House Constitutional Carry Bill To Be Considered By New Texas Senate CommitteeThe Constitutional Issues Committee has set 9 a.m. Thursday, April 29, for a hearing on House Bill 1927.
Texas House Approves Bill Allowing Election Judges To Carry Gun In Most Polling PlacesHB 530, which passed on a vote of 94 to 51, would specifically allow an election judge with a gun license to have a handgun at certain election sites only while executing their duties.
Texas House Passes Constitutional Carry BillAfter nearly seven hours of debate, the Texas House has passed a Constitutional Carry bill by a vote of 84-56.