State Senate Debates Redistricting, Minorities Pan Maps Advocates for minorities in Texas blasted the process by which the state is considering new political maps, complaining on Thursday that lawmakers are not giving poor people outside of Austin the chance to testify and the versions under consideration would discriminate against minorities.
'Problematic' Limits Alleged On Texas Voting MapsTexas Democrats signaled Wednesday that a two-year fight over disputed political boundaries won't end if Governor Rick Perry succeeds in getting the Legislature to permanently adopt voting maps that a federal court made for the 2012 elections.
Civil Rights Group Sues Over Texas Voting MapA Latino civil rights group is asking the Supreme Court to stop Texas from using congressional districts drawn by a lower federal court in the November election because they discriminate against minorities.
Federal Court: Discrimination In Texas Voting Maps The future of Texas' voting districts is again in question after a federal court Tuesday found evidence of discrimination in new district maps approved by the state's Republican-controlled Legislature last year.
Voters Keep Eye On 33rd Congressional District RaceA political race that's catching a lot of attention in North Texas is the new 33rd Congressional District. The winner will represent parts of Dallas, Arlington, and Fort Worth.
Lawmakers Consider Size Of Texas Board Of EducationTexas lawmakers have expressed skepticism on whether 15 elected members on the State Board of Education are enough for a state the size of Texas.
Candidates Study New Texas Political MapsLawyers representing Hispanic and African American groups have asked judges in Washington to make a decision quickly on whether new political maps in Texas violate the federal Voting Rights Act.
Will The Texas Primary Really Matter?With 155 delegates up for grabs during its primary, Texas is the nation's second biggest prize. In any normal year Texas matters, but the redistricting fight has delayed the state primary.
Redistricting Experts Struggle To Fix Maps, ElectionsApril primaries are all but impossible for the state's election administrators, and if the state wants to hold primaries on May 29, they'll need approved congressional and legislative maps by March 3.
Judges To Define Districts & Set Texas Primaries SoonThis week three federal judges in San Antonio will start resolving one of the great political mysteries of the year: When will Texas hold primary elections and what will the congressional and legislative districts look like?
Attorney General Accepts Texas Redistricting DealA congressman's lawyer says the Texas attorney general has agreed to a temporary voting map that could keep the April 3 date for primary elections in Texas.