President Biden Vows To Fight Against GOP Voting Limits, Continues Push For Voting Rights LawPresident Joe Biden made a plea for sweeping legislation in Congress to protect the right to vote as Republican-led governments in Texas and other states pass new restrictions making it tougher to cast ballots.
Voting Restriction Bill Touted By Texas Republicans Passes Key House VoteEarly Friday morning, after a long night of votes and debates, the Texas House advance a pared down version of Senate Bill 7. The vote puts America's biggest red state closer to imposing new voting restrictions.
Texas Lawmakers Faceoff Over House Bill 6 That Would Enact Voting Restrictions Across The StateThe State House is scheduled to take up House Bill 6 today -- but the bill that would enact wide-ranging changes to elections in Texas comes with opposition.
George W. Bush Meets With Illinois Congressman Looking To Unite Anti-Trump RepublicansIllinois congressman Adam Kinzinger headed south to Texas this week looking for allies. The lawmaker was on a mission to find Republicans who, like him, see former President Donald Trump as a scourge on their party.
Texas Republican Lawmakers Lead The Charge For New Criminal Penalties For Election ActivitiesRepublican-controlled legislatures in Texas and across the country are adding new criminal penalties to their election laws. The changes come after record voter turnout for the 2020 elections.
Why The Republican Press To Impose New Voter Restrictions Is A Race Against TimeIn many of the states where Republicans are advancing the most severe restrictions -- including Texas, Georgia and Arizona -- shifts in the electorate's composition are eroding decades of virtually uncontested GOP dominance.
Republican Efforts To Enact New Voting Restrictions In Texas UnderwayTexas already has some of the toughest voting laws in the country and the rush for more crackdowns on election laws worries voting rights groups and Democrats whose ability to block new measures in the Capitol are limited.
Texas Republicans Targeting Harris County With Stack Of Bills Proposing New Voting RestrictionsHouston expanded voting access during the 2020 election and now Texas Republicans are targeting the city, and the county it sits in, with a series of measures that would limit early voting, make it harder to get and return absentee ballots, and more.
Texas Republicans In Congress Divided Over Challenging 2020 Presidential Election ResultsTexas Senator Ted Cruz and ten Republican Senators are calling on Congress to appoint an Electoral Commission to conduct an emergency, ten-day audit of the disputed states' election returns.
Whistleblowers Sue Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton For Wrongful Firing, RetaliationA lawsuit filed by four Republicans, who all once were senior deputies to Ken Paxton, allege the Texas Attorney General abused his office to benefit himself and retaliated against members of his staff who reported him to the FBI.
As Coronavirus Cases Spikes In Texas Republicans Prepare To Hold In-Person ConventionThe Republican Party of Texas' executive committee has passed a resolution in support of moving forward with its in-person convention in Houston.