Texas Senate Considers Bill To Kill Dallas County School Bus ServiceThe Texas state Senate is considering a bill to kill the agency that runs bus service for most of the Dallas County school districts.
Texas School Vouchers May Be Back From The Dead The Texas House thought it had killed school vouchers. The Senate is resurrecting them.
House Votes To Compile Data On Complications From AbortionsThe Texas House has voted to require medical clinics to report complications from abortions performed statewide.
Texas Senate Votes To Bar College 'Free Speech Zones'Supporters of the ban say using the free speech zones actually prohibits speech by implying free expression is not allowed across the rest of campus.
Bathroom Bill Has One More Chance In The Texas HouseControversial Bill 2899 or what is often referred to as the 'bathroom bill' missed a key deadline in the Texas House, but some say it still has a chance to survive.
Steroids Bill Could Ban Texas Transgender WrestlerThe Texas Senate has given preliminary approval to a bill that would let state officials ban a transgender high school wrestling champion from competing.
Texas House OKs Bill On Improper Teacher-Student RelationshipsThe Texas House has approved a Senate bill meant to curb improper relationships between teachers and students.
Texas Senate Approves Allowing Guns In Parked Cars At SchoolsA similar, bipartisan measure has cleared a committee in the state House but not yet reached a floor vote in that chamber.
Texas Senate OKs Reimbursing Police For Immigration TrainingICE runs a training program in South Carolina for participating law enforcement officers.
Texas Senate Votes To Eliminate Vehicle Safety InspectionsThe Texas Senate has approved a bill that would eliminate the state's mandatory safety inspections for most vehicles.
Dallas Mayor Looking For Help In Senate After Pension Fund Bill Passes House"This may very well be my Alamo," said Mayor Mike Rawlings, who opposes the legislation.
Texas Senate Votes To Eliminate Vehicle Safety InspectionsAccording to a Senate study, more than 500,000 vehicles didn't pass safety inspection in 2014 and 2015.
Texas Senate Passes Bill Requiring School Bus Seat BeltsThousands more Texas children could soon have seat belts on the buses they ride to school.
Texas Senate Approves Closing State Refugee OfficeThe Texas Senate has approved shuttering a state agency that had overseen a federal program resettling refugees in Texas — a symbolic move that comes months after Gov. Greg Abbott said the state would stop cooperating with the process.
Texas Senate Endorses Bill Letting Home-Schoolers Play In UILThe Texas Senate has approved a bill that would allow home-schooled students to participate in public school sports and other activities.