Some College Athletes Who've Recovered From COVID-19 May Be Suffering Long-Term Impact, Doctors SayWhile doctors don't know if Keyontae Johnson's collapse had anything to do with the virus, doctors for months have raised concerns about Covid-19-positive athletes return to play protocols.
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Patients In COVID-19 Vaccine Study Receive First Doses In North TexasThe first round of patients participating in Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine study got their doses on Wednesday in North Texas.
Student-Athletes Can Benefit From Cognitive TrainingCognitive training is a highly-researched method of enhancing cognitive skills through repetitive and targeted exercises.
Texas Student-Athletes Return To Practice Fields During Coronavirus Pandemic, Summer HeatThe extended time off can lead to injuries if the kids jump back in too fast, too soon.
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North Texas OBGYN Develops App Aimed At Helping Women With Low Sex DriveIt's a topic many view as a taboo. Conversations can get awkward when discussing low sex drive for women. The developer of a new app aims to change that.