Nina Pham: Still Experiencing Side Effects From Ebola TreatmentNina Pham plans to sue former employer for contracting Ebola and continued side effects.
Disease Response Bills After Dallas Ebola CaseMembers of a top Texas Senate health panel are unveiling proposals to bolster the state's infectious disease response in the wake of the first U.S. case of Ebola diagnosed in Dallas last summer.
Patients Return To Dallas Hospital Where Ebola HitThe Dallas hospital where a man diagnosed with Ebola died and two nurses were infected by the virus says patients are returning and revenue is back to what it was before the crisis.
Dallas County Ebola Response Cost $384,000Officials said that the emergency response to the Ebola crisis in North Texas cost Dallas County nearly $384,000. The state is being asked to reimburse the county about $258,000.
City Of Dallas Spent $155K On Ebola ResponseThe City of Dallas says it incurred roughly $155,000 in Ebola-related expenses, including approximately $19,000 for the care of a patient's dog.
Ebola Victim's Fiancee Has Book DealThe fiancee of Ebola victim Thomas Duncan has signed a book deal. Louise Troh's memoir is scheduled to be released on April 28, and will tell about her life with Duncan.
Thomas Duncan's Family & Hospital Reach ResolutionTexas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas has reached an agreement with the family of Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan, who died in October at the medical facility.
CDC Invests $2.7M In Ebola-Specific PPE KitsThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has invested $2.7 million in personal protective equipment to assist U.S. hospitals in caring for Ebola patients.
Security Lapse At Dallas Ebola Victim's Former ApartmentDallas Ebola victim Thomas Duncan’s apartment wasn’t under quarantine Friday as ordered by health officials.
Vinson Being Released From Ebola TreatmentA notice issued by Emory University Hospital in Atlanta stated that Dallas nurse Amber Vinson would be released from her Ebola treatment and discharged on Tuesday afternoon.
Task Force Shifts Ebola Patient's Treatment StrategyAt the first hearing held by the Texas Task Force On Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response, some of the most experienced infectious disease doctors in Texas discussed lessons learned from the three Ebola cases in Dallas.