Dorsett Recounts His 99-Yard RunTony Dorsett recalls his record-setting run against the Minnesota Vikings. The former Dallas Cowboys running back recounts how me made his final burst into the end zone, avoiding both a Vikings defender and teammate Drew Pearson.
Dallas Legend Dorsett Talks Of Damage Football Has Done To His BrainHall of Fame running back Tony Dorsett believes the violent hits he took during two decades of playing football have cost him his memory and more.
Tony Dorsett Uses Controversial Stem Cell Treatment To Help Treat Brain DiseaseLegendary Cowboys running back Tony Dorsett was diagnosed in 2013 with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease that has been linked to depression, dementia and to suicides of NFL players.
Dallas Police Find Stolen Cowboys MemorabiliaDallas police have recovered thousands of dollars' worth of Cowboys memorabilia stolen from a fan's storage unit and sold.
NFL Legend Dorsett Dealing With Degenerative Brain ConditionHall of Fame running back Tony Dorsett says he started playing football 'not knowing that the end was going to be like this' - what he calls a frustrating battle with a condition caused by head trauma.
Dorsett Jr. Upset Cowboys Still Use Father's No. 33Tony Dorsett's son joined 105.3 The Fan to explain his frustration over the team's repeated use of his father's No. 33 jersey.
Judge Approves NFL Concussion SettlementA federal judge granted preliminary approval to a landmark deal that would compensate thousands of former NFL players for concussion-related claims. The ruling came about two weeks after the NFL agreed to remove a $675 million cap on damages.
Former Cowboy Dorsett Shows Signs Of Brain DiseaseFormer Dallas Cowboy Tony Dorsett was diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a brain disease normally found after a victim dies.
Tony Dorsett Says He’s Dealt With Depression, Suicidal ThoughtsTony Dorsett says his quality of life is deteriorating along with his memory. When asked if he’s dealt with depression or suicidal thoughts, the Hall of Fame running back admitted that yes, he has.
Tony Dorsett Talks About NFL Concussion Settlement Dorsett was just one of the thousands of former players that was suing the league, and just like many of his former colleagues - he is not too pleased with the recent news.
Murray Already Among Top Cowboys RBsThe second-year running back is already listed among the Dallas Cowboys' Hall of Fame running backs in the team record book.