Going To Disney World: Kidd's Kids Gives Children A Free Family TripAfter 27 years, Kidd's Kids is still making dreams come true for children who are ill and their families in need of a little break. 
Dreaded Poliovirus Being Used To Fight Deadly Brain TumorsPolio is one of the world's most dreaded viruses. But now, it has been turned into a possible treatment used in fighting deadly brain tumors. "This is really a first step," said one doctor.
132-Pound Ovarian Tumor Removed From Connecticut WomanA medical team in Connecticut removed a 132-pound ovarian tumor from a 38-year-old woman earlier this year, according to two doctors who were involved in the case.
Man's "Beer Belly" Turned Out To Be A 30-Pound TumorAfter heart surgery and a big weight loss a New Jersey man complained that he couldn't shed what everyone thought was stubborn belly fat... turns out the problem was something different altogether.
FDA Approves First-Of-A-Kind Test For Cancer Gene ProfilingU.S. regulators have approved a first-of-a-kind test that looks for mutations in hundreds of cancer genes at once, giving a more complete picture of what's driving a patient's tumor and aiding efforts to match treatments to those flaws.
McCain Returns To Congress To Cheers From Fellow SenatorsThe 80-year-old McCain had a visible scar above his left eye after doctors removed a blood clot earlier this month.
N. Texas Baby Girl Born Twice Celebrates First BirthdayMargaret and Jeff Boemer of Lewisville never gave up hope about their daughter, Lynlee.
Woman Resigned To Being Plump Learns She Had 140-Pound Tumor Mary Clancey says she was resigned to being a plump old lady. Over 15 years she kept getting bigger despite dieting. But with her health deteriorating, her son persuaded her to go to the hospital.
Texas Judge Grants Bond To Asylum Seeker With Brain TumorAn immigration judge has granted bond to a Salvadoran woman in a move that may allow her to soon leave a detention facility in Texas to seek treatment for a brain tumor.
130 Lb. Tumor Removed From Man Who Was Told He Was Just FatDoctors removed a 130-pound tumor from a man who’d been told by other physicians he was just fat. They said the tumor probably started as an ingrown hair that became infected, swelled and developed its own blood supply.
Texas Family Learns 6-Year-Old's Growth Spurt Caused By TumorAt 6-years-old, Bryce Aswell towers over his kindergarten classmates -- and eats like a teenage boy! But, two months ago the couple learned what was really behind Bryce’s growth spurt: a brain tumor.