American Airlines Faces Political Turbulence Following Opposition To Texas Elections BillAn American spokeswoman said Friday, the airline did review the bill, and sent its public statement to employees in an internal newsletter.
Why The Republican Press To Impose New Voter Restrictions Is A Race Against TimeIn many of the states where Republicans are advancing the most severe restrictions -- including Texas, Georgia and Arizona -- shifts in the electorate's composition are eroding decades of virtually uncontested GOP dominance.
Republican Efforts To Enact New Voting Restrictions In Texas UnderwayTexas already has some of the toughest voting laws in the country and the rush for more crackdowns on election laws worries voting rights groups and Democrats whose ability to block new measures in the Capitol are limited.
Texas Republicans Targeting Harris County With Stack Of Bills Proposing New Voting RestrictionsHouston expanded voting access during the 2020 election and now Texas Republicans are targeting the city, and the county it sits in, with a series of measures that would limit early voting, make it harder to get and return absentee ballots, and more.
Texas Among Southern States Where Redistricting Battles Will Impact Local & National GovernmentStates from Texas to North Carolina are set to be battlegrounds for the once-a-decade fight over redrawing political boundaries.
Texas Has Already Been In The Courts, Now The Nation Braces For Possible Election Day Legal ChallengesWeeks before early voting began and Election Day arrived, the U.S. 2020 Presidential Race was already the most litigated in memory.
Texas Federal Judge Set To Hear GOP Challenge To Invalidate Some 125000 Votes In Harris CountyThe battle to have more than 125,000 ballots cast at drive-thru locations tossed out continues in Texas. The GOP is pressing forward -- their petition will be heard in federal court one day after the state Supreme Court rejected the same case.
Republicans Want To Stop Drive-Thru Voting In Texas' Largest County, Judge Sets Hearing For MondayDrive-thru voting in Texas' largest county is being challenged, now a federal judge is taking action.
Texas Supreme Court Backs Gov. Greg Abbott On Limiting Mail-In Ballot Drop-Off SitesThe high-court court ruling upholds a restriction Abbott imposed on Oct. 1, just before early voting in the Nov. 3 general election was to open.
Dallas Police Preparing For Potential Election-Related Unrest"Let's just be honest, 50% of the population is not going to be happy,” Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata said.
Will Closed Ballot Drop-Off Sites In Texas Reopen? Latest Legal Salvo Strikes Down County Box LimitsWith the 2020 election a little more than two weeks away, the legal back-and-forth over the number of drop-off locations for hand delivered absentee ballots in Texas continues.