Texas Senators Approve Big Changes In Tarrant County With Their Newly Drawn Voting MapsDemocrat Beverly Powell, of Fort Worth, has denounced the changes to the boundaries of her district saying Republicans are disenfranchising minority voters.
Texas Lawmakers Propose New Congressional Maps That Would Fortify GOP AdvantagesLawmakers in Texas have released their first proposal to redrawn congressional maps. The draft would shore up Republican dominance in the state and bolster their nearly two dozen U.S. House members.
Redistricting, Transgender Athletes & COVID Mandates On Agenda Of Texas' 3rd Special SessionThe Texas Legislature is back in Austin for its third special session of the year. Both houses gaveled in at 10:00 a.m.
Despite Having 'Grave Concerns' Court Says Texas Can Make Voting MapsA federal court ruled Wednesday that Texas can change voting maps without supervision despite "grave concerns".
Texas Fights Judicial Move That Would Require Voting Map ApprovalA federal court is considering whether the state of Texas can be trusted to make new voting maps after it found racial discrimination in the initial maps that solidified Republican power.
Gerrymandering Lawsuits Pending In Texas And 11 Other StatesGerrymandering is on trial as the U.S. Supreme Court and judges consider whether mapmakers manipulated boundaries of legislative districts for their own advantage.
Federal Court Orders Texas Voting Map Changes Ahead Of 2018Texas' congressional maps are still flawed by racial gerrymandering and must be partially redrawn before the 2018 elections, a three-judge federal panel ruled Tuesday.
Texas Democrats Push To Change Voting MapsHammering the point that Texas is looking more Hispanic and less white every year, Democrats on Monday began pushing for new 2018 election maps before a court that already decided Republicans purposefully tried stifling minority voters.
Stakes High For Texas Voting Laws With 2018 Election LoomingThree losses in federal court in barely a month over its voting laws have raised the stakes for Texas at a hearing before a three-judge panel.
Feds Taking 'Prime Role' In Texas Voting Maps CaseEfforts by the Obama administration to wring protections out of a weakened Voting Rights Act begin Monday in Texas over allegations that Republicans intentionally discriminated against minorities when drawing new election maps.
Voting Map Opponents Want To Be ReimbursedMinority rights groups that sued over voting maps passed by the Texas Legislature in 2011 now want the state to pay back the roughly $6 million spent fighting in court.