Wheel Of Misfortune: Clothes JumbleColby had to do the Clothes Jumble for missing a show for a love vacation. However, we added some ICING to the plan.
Wheel Of Misfortune: Cory's Billboard Of ShameCory had to dawn the billboard of shame for this week's Wheel of Misfortune payoff.
Cory Wears The Billboard Of ShameCory was forced to spin the Wheel of Misfortune. His punishment -- he had to wear the Billboard of Shame in public.
The Wheel Of Misfortune: Kevin Gets Tackled By Jesse HolleyOn Thursday night Kevin spun the wheel and it landed on 'getting tackled'.
Wheel of Misfortune Slurpee Chug OffIt's a show vs show battle in the Wheel of Misfortune Slurpee Chug Off!
Wheel Of Misfortune: The Worst ThingColby has to endure the worst thing, which for him is the sound of a knife and fork on a plate.
K&C Wheel Of Misfortune: Vapor Eyes What happened next was Colby rubbing Vick's Vapor Rub under his eyes - for 11 minutes.
K&C Wheel of Misfortune: Threaded EybrowsCory lost the Wheel of Misfortune! There was some tricky audio editing that might have been altered to force Cory to get this terribly, painful action on his face.
K&C's Wheel Of Misfortune: Trash Can DinnerShippy lost the Wheel of Misfortune so he must eat from a trash can because that's what it said to do.
K&C's Wheel Of Misfortune: The Chair ShotColby gets revenge from the previous Wheel of Misfortune payoff with Kevin taking a chair shot!
Wheel of Misfortune: Peppers and ToenailsThe Wheel of Misfortune reached out and grabbed another victim. This time, Alex Alexander from the G-Bag Nation.