After DNA Tests, Man Convicted Of Murder Freed From PrisonA North Texas man imprisoned for killing a Bedford woman was back in court today. John Earl Nolley was released after spending nearly 20 years in prison for a crime that evidence supports he did not commit
Joyce Ann Brown, Dallas Advocate For Wrongfully Convicted, Dies SaturdayJoyce Ann Brown, a Dallas woman who became an advocate for prisoners, died at the age of 68. She spent nearly a decade in prison after being wrongfully convicted in 1980 of murder and aggravated robbery.
Historical Marker Honors Wrongfully Convicted Texas ManThe first historical marker in the nation to memorialize someone wrongfully convicted will be unveiled Monday in Fort Worth.
Man Freed After 31-Year-Old Rape Conviction Set AsideHe wasn't exonerated but a Dallas man who spent 31 years behind bars for sexual assault is now out of jail. Wednesday a judge released Rickey Dale Wyatt and and recommended his 1981 conviction be set aside.
Judge Declares Dallas Man Innocent After 14 Years In Prison“You’re free to walk out of this courtroom today.” Those were the words said just minutes ago to Dale Lincoln Duke, a man who served 14 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.
Stymied Texas Board Offers Future RecommendationsA Texas state commission prevented from further investigating a case where death penalty opponents say an innocent man may have been executed is set to offer recommendations on future arson inquiries.
Drug Charge Could Cost Dallas Co. DNA Exoneree MillionsA felony drug charge could cost a Dallas County DNA exoneree millions. Under Texas law Steven Phillips is paid $80,000 a year for his wrongful conviction. But he loses the money if he's convicted of a felony.
DNA Clears Dallas Man In 27-Year-Old Rape CaseA man who has served 27 years in prison for aggravated sexual assault is due to become the latest person exonerated through DNA testing in Dallas County. Johnny Pinchback, 55, has been cleared as a result of forensic testing.
Senate Bill Speeds Up Rape Evidence TestingThe Texas Senate has voted to push quicker testing of biological evidence collected in sexual assault cases.
Innocent Man Serves 18 Years, State Denies CompensationAn innocent man who spent 18 years in prison is being denied state compensation. The words "actual innocence" aren't printed on a court order for Anthony Graves, so the state won't pay the $1.4 million due him.
Dallas Man Declared Innocent After 30 Years In PrisonA Dallas man had his conviction overturned Tuesday for a rape and robbery he didn't commit after serving 30 years in prison, more time than any other inmate subsequently exonerated by DNA evidence in Texas.