Hailstorm Damaged 80 Percent Of Wylie Homes
Roofer Red Flag: Investigators Worry About Scammers After StormOnly CBS11's Consumer Justice was there as they met with law enforcement, drove through neighborhoods and talked to homeowners.
Rain Adds To Problems For Wylie Hail VictimsAfter a brutal hailstorm left homes pock-marked with holes earlier this week, Wylie homeowners found out the limitations of plastic tarps when heavy wind and rain gave the community another beating today.
Wylie Storm Victim Selling T-Shirts To Raise Money For Worst HitA resident started a fundraiser selling Wylie T-shirts to help less fortunate storm victims, who will need long-term help.
Wylie Residents Vulnerable As Stormy Weather ApproachesAs stormy weather approaches North Texas, people are still recovering from the hailstorm earlier this week. Residents in Wylie say "severe weather" are two words they don’t want to hear.
Rain Headed For Hail Battered Wylie This WeekendResidents in the Country Ridge Estates subdivision of Wylie are bracing for another round of storms this weekend.
Federal Charge Added For Illegal Immigrant That Killed 3 In Wylie CrashA federal charge has been filed against the illegal immigrant who is accused of causing a triple-fatal accident near Wylie two weeks ago.
Hailstorms Brings Rental Car Crisis To North TexasAn overflow of drivers with hail damage have created a rental car crisis in North Texas. Most companies around Wylie have wait-lists with hundreds of names.
Rental Car Centers Bombarded With Demand After HailstormsThe recent hail storm has done a number on north Texas vehicles and rental cars are in high demand.
Wylie ISD Classes Resume After Destructive HailstormAn around-the-clock cleanup effort continues Wednesday in Collin County. Employees with the Wylie ISD reopened campus doors for students after cancelling classes on Tuesday due to severe weather the night before.
Auto Repair Shops Struggle With Hail Damage DemandsYou might think that auto repair shops are rubbing their hands with excitement over all the business the hailstorms brought.
Wylie Residents Desperate For Roofing Help After Heavy HailWhen Yvonne Mora’s ceiling finally caved in from hail damage, insulation rained down onto her kitchen.
Double Deductibles Reality For Some Wylie HomeownersSome Wylie homeowners are getting hit with hail damage just three weeks after another bad storm.
Teen Says Boot Saved Her Foot After She Was Hit By Lightning In Wylie, residents thought one hail storm was enough. So when round two barreled through though the town Monday night, it was too much.
Wylie Schools Reopen Wednesday After Hail Damage CleanupIn Wylie, it was a day that called for ‘all-hands-on-deck’. A massive hail storm left every campus in the district reporting some level of damage.