Frosty the Snowman isn’t supposed to scare you out of your mind.

But try telling that to the folks who had a run-in with the Christmas icon.

For the past three years — two friends  — one with a snowman costume and the other with a camera — have gotten together to have a little fun.

This year the guys set up shop on the streets of Boston —  but they’ve taken the snowman all over the country.

All their videos have been viewed 90 million times.


A dance off between a kid and usher is going viral.

When you say dance off and usher — the multiplatinum superstar comes to mind.

But this is a different usher – a dancing usher who works at the palace of auburn hills — where the Detroit Pistons play.

During a break at a recent home game — the dance cam switched back and forth between the dancing usher and a kid in the stands.

The video has been watched more than five million times as of Tuesday morning.

After the game the usher tweeted out a pic with his protégé saying…”Incredible well spoken man.  Glad to be a fan of his.”