Trish Barbary has a passion for interior design. Having studied the art form at The Philadelphia Art Institute, she continues to bring her unmatched talent to the table for her Texan clients each and every day. Trish understands the power of making a memorable first impression. Whether it’s your first apartment, first home, or first city flat, Ms. Barbary spills her true expert secrets to decorating your first apartment on a budget (so that you can, ahem, pay rent).

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www.dallasdesk.comTrish Barbary has over 25 years of professional interior design experience. She remembers a time when she couldn’t afford her champagne decorating taste, but she made it happen with her creative and resourceful way of purchasing only the things that she absolutely loved. Just like fashion, you might be better off investing in a few good pieces rather than a houseful of inexpensive and practically ‘disposable’ furniture. Trish shares her tips for creating a home you adore and feel comfortable in, no matter your budget.

Invest In Artwork“Find a piece of artwork you love and decorate around it with the colors in the art. Whether you find it at the end of someone’s driveway, at Goodwill, or at a metro art auction- you simply have to fall in love with it to make it worthy of wall space. Once you see the colors you can begin planning the ‘theme’ or palette of the room. Ideally you should stick with a  maximum of three colors, with the third always being white. Don’t be afraid of neutrals, they don’t always make a statement. But they’re simple and inviting.”

Find Comfort“You should decorate a home or a space so that you can’t wait to get home and get into it. Your bedroom, your favorite chair, and even your kitchen should nurture your spirit and make you long for the respite of home. Consider updating your linens whenever they get worn out or frayed. Look at what you invest in clothing and you might see how silly it is to turn your nose up at quality linens that will comfort you every single night. If you are shopping low budget linens, gotto discount stores and feel the fabrics. Try to avoid Poly blends and opt for breathable cotton sheets.”

Salvage Furniture“Goodwill is one of my favorite places to shop for anchor pieces of furniture. When I was decorating my first apartment on a budget, I bought my dining room table from a thrift store and painted it white. Look for details that make it a more expensive piece. Real wood, details, dovetail, carvings, etc. Older pieces are usually made much better than mass-produced furniture that you’ll find at furniture stores. Once my table was painted white, I threw on a pretty tablecloth and glass candlesticks and Voila! Bon Appetit.”

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Keep The Things You Love“Nobody likes to pack. Getting the truck, loading it up, hiring the help to carry it in and even transport it are all things that make you consider whether or not you should just toss that childhood piece to the curb. Not so fast. Building a beautiful home or apartment is often done when you fill your space with the things you love. Heavy comforters can be replaced. Dishes that are hand me downs can be replaced. Inexpensive couches can be replaced. That heavy armoire you’ve had in the family for over 20 years? Priceless.”

Create A View“A vase of flowers or an outdoor patio and a bench. Draped curtains that frame the sunset, etc. You should always decorate with the idea of a view in mind. If you’re lucky enough to have a sunset on the west or a balcony off the patio, by all means embrace it. If you don’t have a pretty view that doesn’t mean you can’t create one. Place a vase of flowers in front of a mirror or a window. Hang your curtains with a little relaxed charm. Add items that reflect light such as mirrors and candles. And with that said always create ambiance with a home that smells delightful. Jar candles and wax burners are a budget minded way to invite everyday indulgence into your home.”

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