Every year, millions of us make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. We join the gym in January, and by April our weight loss resolution is a distant memory, with little to no results. Surely there has to be a better way to reach weight loss goals. We reached out to a fitness expert for five tips that will help us not only keep our New Year’s weight loss resolution, but actually have something to show for our effort, time and hard work on our quest to a sleeker, more fit and sexy physique.Robert Guyer, Wellness Coordinator at El Centro College’s Wellness Center, holds a Masters degree in Kinesiology and is also a certified personal fitness trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), formerly known as the National Academy of Sports.Guyer’s interest in fitness and sports medicine includes five years with Tarrant County Fitness Management, as well as managing Bally Fitness clubs. Guyer has returned to the classroom as an adjunct professor at El Centro College (ECC), instructing swimming classes and lifetime fitness & wellness classes for students in the downtown Dallas area. Those looking to make good on their new year’s resolution can sign up with  the ECC, offering open enrollment gym memberships to the downtown Dallas business and residential community for $45 a month, per person. ECC students and faculty members can sign-up for only $25 a month, or gain gym access during class period when enrolled in a course.

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“You have to be willing to make changes in your nutrition because diet is the key factor to losing weight,” says Guyer. Studies have shown that 80 percent of weight loss happens in the kitchen. Eating a diet filled with raw vegetables, fruit and whole grains, coupled with lean meats, can help aid in weight loss. Other simple steps to take in the kitchen consist of baking instead of deep frying foods and using natural sweeteners like honey and agave instead of processed sugars and artificial sweeteners. Proper diet and nutrition can also lead to improved overall fitness and better health.

Regular Physical Activity“Commit yourself to completing at least 60-90 minutes of some type of physical activity, daily. You have to be more physically active,” says Guyer. Any type of activity is better than none at all when you’re trying to lose weight. There are also other health benefits in practicing regular exercise habits. According to studies completed by the University of Colorado at Boulder, people with sedentary lifestyles tend to be sick more often, as people who exercise regularly have more efficient immune systems to help ward off disease and illnesses.

The gym at the ECC (Photo by Ordonia Nash-Baker)

Join Organized Exercise ClassesOrganized exercise sessions such as aerobics, Zumba and spin classes have been taking place in gyms across America for some time now, and is a trend that doesn’t seem likely to go away. As additional classes are created, the workout experience doesn’t always have to take place indoors. Classes like tea kwon do, beach yoga and outdoor Pilates, tend to attract larger crowds who want to work up a sweat in a more natural, meditative environment. Wellness expert, Guyer recommends participating in organized activities at least 3-5 days a week. Guyer also notes that “attending organized classes help build motivational relationships.” Who better to share your fitness goals with than others who have the same goal as you? On days when you don’t feel like hitting the gym, your workout buddy can give you that extra push you need to get in gear and get physical. When your gym buddy isn’t in the mood to attend class, you can return the favor by encouraging them to stay focused on their weight loss goal.

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Find Activities That You EnjoyGuyer recommends finding things that you enjoy doing. Gardening, swimming, walking and cycling, are all considered physical activities. It makes sense that if you like the activity you’re doing, you will be more apt to do this type of exercise more often. Regular physical activity not only helps you lose weight, but also helps you to maintain the weight loss, unlike fad diets and weight loss pills.

Make Proper Nutrition And Exercise A Lifestyle On the road to keeping your New Years weight loss resolution, Guyer states that the fifth and final tip is “to be willing to commit — it’s a lifestyle.” Meaning that proper nutrition and exercise are now a way of life…forever.

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