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Lucy Dang
Lucy Dang Dallas
1409 S. Lamar St.
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Lucy Dang grew up in the fashion industry. Her parents worked in the production area of manufacturing. Her mother was a sample maker and her father worked as an engineer repairing the sewing machines. At three years old, little Lucy received a ruffled, powder blue dress as a Christmas gift and from that moment on, she fell in love with the glamour of dresses.

“I felt so pretty and I never wanted to take it off,” said Dang, who then wanted to create that feeling for other women.

Dang went on to University of North Texas and earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Fashion. She interned at Nicole Miller and worked for Rebecca Taylor in New York. Upon returning to Dallas, Dang started her company with her college best friend, Blanca Renteria. Lucy Dang Dallas is a high-end line of designer cocktail and evening dresses.

To celebrate Belk’s 125th anniversary, the company hosted a competition, “Southern Designer Showcase.” Dang won the competition and her line was officially launched. In addition to her couture line for the Belk stores, Dang has an exclusive line called “Lady by Lucy Dang.”

“Starting a business from nothing, I have learned to work within a budget,” said Dang, who has the following tips for shopping online.

Flash Sales

Designers will do a special sale for 24 hours. This helps move their merchandise and provides the customer with a chance to purchase high-end goods at a discount. Be in the know by signing up to receive email notifications of upcoming sales.

(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

End of Season Sale

Waiting until the end of a season can work to your advantage because stores and warehouses have to make room for the next season’s goods. The downfall is that you may not get your size because the best sellers are gone.

Sample Sales

Designer items that haven’t made it into the stores are put on sale. Around November and April, designers will sell their samples that were made for market display. One can pick up an exclusive item for up to 90-percent off the retail price.Related: Best Places For Men’s Accessories In DFW

Online Consignment Store

If you are looking for something from a past collection that is a few years back, going to an online consignment store might help you find the item. The items that are listed for sale are usually reduced by 20 percent or more from the original retail price. It is not a bidding system. The goods are verified so that the shopper does not receive a counterfeit item.

Rent the Design

At websites like, instead of purchasing a dress for $2,000 or more, you can rent it for four or eight days at a fraction of the cost. You are responsible for any severe damages to the dress (there is a $5 cost for insurance to cover the things like minor stains and damage), but for a special occasion where you know you will never wear the dress again, this can be an affordable option. They offer sizes from 0 up to 16 online and at the New York and Las Vegas stores up to size 22.Related: Best Up And Coming Visual Artists In DFW

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