(credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

(credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

The clouds have parted and the weekend forecast looks perfect. These are the days meant for day tripping. Within the expansive borders of this great state lie historical delights, thrilling adventures, and palette-satisfying sites. Denizens of DFW have unlimited day trips to choose from and should take advantage of it!

Weatherford is known as the Peach Capital of Texas. This year’s Parker County Peach Festival will be held on Saturday, July 11, and is sure to pull in thousands of fruit lovers from all around. Even when it’s not peach season, Weatherford attractions are worthy of your time. Chandor Gardens is praise-worthy in both its colorful flora and its cultural contributions to the city, built by a portrait artist who had the honor of painting Queen Elizabeth as well as Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt. There are few towns so nearby where one can meander past up to 60 Queen Anne and Victorian style homes, that live up to their original glory. Come take in the sights in Weatherford; it’s less than an hour away!


Quaint, historic and romantic are all words used to describe the East Texas’ town of Jefferson. If riding a horse-drawn carriage around brick paved streets and admiring 100-year old houses before shopping at fancy boutiques appeals to you, Jefferson is the place. About two and a half hours from Dallas, it’s best to leave early to take full advantage of a day here. There are so many fascinating stories to discover, that really this town needs an entire weekend! Riverboat rides and southern grace and comfort abound for both a fun and relaxing getaway.

Mineral Wells

Mineral Wells has been in the news lately  because of its decision to put life back into the famous Baker Hotel. Known mostly for the towering closed-down hotel, once the luxurious shining star of these parts, and its natural mineral water, Mineral Wells is full of mystery and intrigue. Mineral Wells State Park and the Brazos River make memorable pit stops for nature lovers. Yet, it’s one of the newest attractions that is worthy of mention. Recently, the Paleontological Society helped to open Mineral Wells Fossil Park to the public. Come to Mineral Wells, dig for ancient treasures, dig up some history and then dig in to some delightful grub!

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From Dallas, it only takes about two hours to get to Paris, Texas. If the Eiffel Tower is out of the question, why not head to Paris and take your photo in front of the replica of the infamous tower? Here you’ll even get a dash of Texas style-topped with a red cowboy hat! For more Texas touches, explore the town cemetery for the Babcock monument featuring a stone sculpture of Jesus with cowboy boots on. The Coleman-Lightfoot House also draws in visitors with its stories of old Texas’ past. Finish the day off with a stroll around the town square and you have had one fulfilling day trip from DFW!

Graham And Fort Griffin

Graham is a quiet town west of Fort Worth. Not far from Fort Griffin, established in 1867 as The Flat, it was once considered one of the West’s wildest towns. Visiting this area is a two-in-one treat. A guided tour of Fort Griffin, abandoned in 1881, with its ever-standing walls provides a view of the area’s raucous past, while Graham continues to charm today. Graham’s Old Post Office and Art Center is a favorite among visitors. Yet a simple walk around the gazebo and town square can provide hours of re-energizing family time on this day trip from Dallas.

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