Spring is coming and so are the various aromas from beautifully planted flowers and trees. It’s time to start picking out the greenery you want to plant this spring to beautify your garden and home. There are many Texas-friendly plants that will be able to survive Texas’s crazy climate changes. Nonetheless, instead of heading over to the chain garden centers, you may want to take a stroll through local garden centers for one-of-a-kind finds.
North Haven Gardens
7700 Northaven Road
Dallas, TX 75230
(214) 363-5316
www.nhg.comIf you love variety, North Haven Gardens is the perfect place for you to go. They have garden solutions, edible landscape such as flowers and trees, classes on how to create a garden and other great classes and a garden coach to help you maintain your wonderful garden. You will also enjoy the wide range of flowers and trees that will meet your needs for your spring/summer garden. If you are pressed for time, you can take a virtual tour before visiting the actual location. You can even shop online.
Ruibal’s Plants Of Texas
601 S. Pearl Expressway
Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 744-9100
www.ruibals.comRuibal’s Plants of Texas has its own megastore with multiple locations throughout Dallas. Started in 1984, Ruibal’s has been satisfying customers in Dallas with quality plants and trees, as well as other products. They have a plant farm with nearly 130 greenhouses. Each of their five locations offers various services which include tree, shrubs, plants and garden solutions. From bedding plants to tropical plants and more, Ruibal’s definitely has what home landscapers and gardeners are looking for.
Brumley Gardens
10540 Church Road
Dallas, TX 75238
(214) 343-4900
www.brumleygardens.comFor more than 20 years, Brumley Gardens has been a staple for Dallas residents who want to ensure they have beautiful landscaping. Brumley Gardens offers high quality plants and lawn products, as well as gardening supplies. You can get the best assistance from their garden centers where their experts will not only show you the best plants for your gardens but also teach you how to grow and maintain it. You can shop their unique gift shop or use their lawn services. If you’re still not sure, just try attending one of their great special events.Related: How To Build The Best Backyard Treehouse

GrowIt Land Designs
794 S. Denton Tap Road
Coppell, TX 75019
(972) 462-7161
www.growitlanddesigns.comIf you are looking for a wide range of choices for your landscaping project, GrowIt is the perfect place. They can help you design your dream garden or lawn as well as install drainage and irrigation for your current landscaping. If you are more of a do-it-yourselfer, check out their garden center. You’ll surely love the featured plants and the new arrivals. Just don’t get overwhelmed.
Archie’s Gardenland
6700 Z. Boaz Place
Fort Worth, TX 76116
(817) 737-6614
www.archiesgardenland.comIf you want tradition and longevity, Archie’s Gardenland is the only place to go. They have been tending to gardens and lawns since 1934, which is a long time to get it right. Their garden center has everything you need from lawn to garden and décor. They also have fountains and topiaries for you to add to your garden or lawn. If you want to plant trees, Archie’s tree services will help you with the selection, planting and maintenance. You can’t go wrong with Archie’s vast knowledge of lawn and garden services.Related: Best Parks In DFW

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