Whether you are a native of North Texas, a long-time resident or a new transplant, the Dallas/Fort Worth area has a progressive dining and entertainment scene waiting to be checked out. To get to know the best of the city, one should turn to the experts. Here is a list of the best local bloggers in DFW.

Farah Fleurima (Courtesy of Carole Hayes)

Farah Fleurima – Dallas Diva

Farah Fleurima is head diva at TheDallasDiva.com, a blog she initially started to give readers a fun peek into the life of an “on-the-town” single gal. After four years, the blog evolved into an online megaphone for her passions: dining, travel, beauty and other lifestyle topics. Her zeal for these topics was sparked during a short-term writing gig for The Detroit News. Soon, the University of North Texas (UNT) graduate moved back to DFW to take on the role of dining/fashion/fitness writer for Quick and “The Dallas Morning News.” She launched The Dallas Diva, using the brand to share the best things in life in her trademark knowledgeable yet quirky style. She also writes for Zagat.com and is the local ambassador for Afar.com.

(Courtesy of Cynthia Smoot)

Cynthia Smoot – Oh So Cynthia

Cynthia Smoot is a native Texan that graduated from UNT. After a successful career in sales for local media outlets, Smoot’s passion for social media and digital marketing led her to join her husband’s advertising agency. Smoot uses her skills to communicate and oversee social media relations for clients. Through her work, she creates buzz and builds brand awareness for some of Dallas’ most iconic brands. In 2008, Smoot created Oh So Cynthia.com. Initially, the site was a “Mommy blog” talking about her life as a parent and spotlighting the events her family experienced around town. Over the years, her popular website morphed into a lifestyle blog and now features the “hottest events and coolest people in Dallas.”

(Courtesy of Steven Doyle)

Steven Doyle – CraveDFW

Steven Doyle runs CraveDFW and covers the local food scene and some arts/music events. He keeps a positive spin in his writing, solely concentrating on restaurants that he feels are the very best, giving his readers something they can use when seeking out a dining experience. Doyle’s background includes owning a restaurant, a bar and a catering business, which gives him special insight when writing his reviews. During the week, he works in social media and public relations. On weekends, Doyle leads culinary tours for DallasBites.com. “I love the Dallas food scene and wish I had more time to introduce people to what Dallas has to offer. CraveDFW is in its fourth year as a working journal into all of these wonderful hot spots that include mom and pop dining and the finest in Haute Cuisine,” said Doyle.

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(Courtesy of Candace Evans)

Candace Evans – Candy’s Dirt

Candy Evans is the founder and publisher of two Dallas-based real estate sites, SecondShelters.com, devoted to the vacation home market, and her signature CandysDirt.com, everything you need to know about real estate in North Texas. CandysDirt.com was named “Best blog in the country” by the National Association of Real Estate Editors.  She writes for several Dallas publications and is frequently a guest blogger for a few national sites.

(Courtesy of Leah Byrd)

Leah Byrd – Byrd About Town

Originally from New Jersey, Leah Byrd moved to Texas 16 years ago. She has been in the hospitality business since the late ’80s. Her passion is exploring and eating good local food. She is a lover of art, live music, red wine, ethnic food and movies. To keep life in balance, she is an avid practitioner of Bikram Yoga. She started her blog to “fill folks in” on the local events, new venues and eateries around town that have a price tag of $30 or under. She wants readers to know that “Byrd is THE word” when it comes to having fun on a budget.

(Courtesy of Susie O.)

Susie O. – Susie Drinks Dallas

Susie O. graduated from Southern Methodist University (SMU) with a marketing degree and public relations minor. She said, “I did that whole marketing/PR thing for a little while.” She started Susie Drinks Dallas to share her list of happy hour events with friends. “After realizing I didn’t have any constructive hobbies and was beginning to bore myself, my dad and I had a brainstorming happy hour to determine my new hobby. He told me, ‘Put the things you do well together – drink and write.’” The Susie Drinks Dallas team has now grown to eight with writers covering Plano, Addison, Fort Worth and some occasional pinch hitters for when her liver needs a break. When not working, she is on a never-ending quest for the perfect Bloody Mary.

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