Trick or treating is a very old tradition, but with a lot more people and crime, people are not as trusting in strangers. As a result it can be a little scary to send your children out to stranger’s houses for trick or treating, but there are some nice places to go in the Dallas Forth Worth area. The areas to go have not changed much since our last article on the best places to go. Your own neighborhood might still be a great place to go, and it is a chance to get to know your neighbors. Apartment complexes are sometimes also an option. There are no set hours, but generally the festivities start around dark with the youngest children, followed by the ages 10-12 crowd. Most people are done by 9 or so in the evening.

The Lakwood Area topped our list last time, and nothing has changed. This community along White Rock Lake in Dallas is known as a great and safe community. They have their own neighborhood association and website. It is a very family-friendly place that relishes traditions. They have a great Fourth of July parade, and children operate lemonade stands, so Halloween trick-or-treating fits right into the atmosphere and philosophy of the community.


Deerfield is another residential community that takes a lot of pride in its neighborhood. The community is in Plano and is one of the safest and nicest communities in the area. They offer 24-7 security. There are a lot of events throughout the year in Deerfield; it’s Christmas lights display is one of the best anywhere, and many of their events are centered around children. This combination of community and emphasis on children makes it a great place for trick or treating

Boo At The Zoo

It’s not a neighborhood in the traditional sense, but it is a neighborhood for the animals that live there. They have a four night celebration,  5 to 8 p.m., Oct. 22-25. The little ones may go from one trick or treating station to another, visit with costumed characters, watch a wildlife show and ride the T-Rex Express mini train and the Haunted Carousel.

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Panther Creek Estates

Panther Creek States is another fine community that has a lot of pride in itself, and offers a lot of safety and security to residents and visitors. You could make a day of it here by attending the fall festival, starting at 1 p.m. on Oct. 31. Later, you can go trick-or-treating with the little ones. It is in the heart of the city of Frisco, and it seeks to not only be the best neighborhood in Frisco, but in the entire Dallas Forth Worth area.


Southlake has become a city itself, and is still a thriving part of the greater Dallas Fort Worth area. They have events year-round, and residents are enthusiastic. They also have a lot of events for children and they welcome those that don’t necessarily live there, so they would take trick-or-treating visitors in stride. They also offer security and try to make sure residents and visitors are safe. It is a great area to take the little ones. You won’t be limited to a specific area here, as the community stretches out a long way.

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