Reptiles make fascinating pets, but whether you are a seasoned reptile pet owner or starting out with a new reptile pet, finding everything you need can be a challenge. Reptiles have specific environmental and dietary needs and the set up you provide your reptile must closely resemble the natural area in which they are found in the wild. Few places in the DFW area have the specialist knowledge needed, but here are a few places to consider.

The DFW Reptarium (Photo by Caroline Calais)

DFW Reptarium
2020 Coit Road, Suite 410
Plano, TX 75075
www.dfwreptarium.comDespite the ordinary looking front, DFW Reptarium is no ordinary store. The small mom and pop store located at the northeast corner of Coit and Park Road in Plano holds an impressive selection of animals, feeders and supplies. It is the only store in DFW that offers live rodents, and owner David Spicer buys 75 percent of the animals from local Texas breeders. The staff is happy to guide and teach first-time reptile owners, and experienced reptile pet owners travel from far away to buy food and supplies.

Petland Dallas
11909 Preston Road, Suite 1428
Dallas, TX 75230
(972) 386-7387
www.dallaspetland.comThe store, located at the northwest corner of Preston Road and Forest Lane, caters to the entry level reptile owner and focuses on animals that are easy to handle, require moderate care and have housing needs that are not overwhelming for the average pet owner. Besides pellets and frozen food, the store sells live food such as crickets and mealworms, and offers products that will meet the reptiles behavioral, maintenance and environmental needs.Related: Best Locally-Focused Podcasts About DFW
Reptile City Inc.
762 CR 2800
Honey Grove, TX 75446
(888) 220-3536
www.reptilecity.comUnique pets require a similarly unique pet store to focus in on their specialized products. That’s where Reptile City comes in. Reptile City is a 20-acre ranch located in the city of Honey Grove, 45 minutes north-east of Dallas. Before coming to your home, the reptiles are well cared for in a natural and spacious environment, meaning you will be buying happy and energetic pets. The company takes orders over phone or email and sell frogs, turtles, crickets, feeders, cages and supplies. If you’re feeling even a bit more exotic, they also sell scorpions, tortoises and super worms. You can also download their extensive care sheets, or check out their very helpful reptile books.
The Big Cheese Rodent Factory
2527 W. Dickson St.,
Fort Worth, TX. 76110
(817) 926-3300
www.bigcheeserodents.comOnce you have all the cage and accessory equipment for your pet, you still have to feed them. Heading out to the store every week or two to get another order of mice can be burdensome, and driving home with a fresh batch of mice right next to your new-bought groceries is unfavorable for many. The Big Cheese makes that regular commitment easier. Order frozen freezer mice, rats or day-old chicks. They package their rodents with steps in place to reduce the hassle that comes with a freshly frozen stock, pre-freezing them to prevent clumping in large packs or packing larger ones on trays for the same reason. They are also packed in sealing packages, giving them a shelf life of up to two years.Related: Best Places To Buy Men’s Dress Socks In DFW
Caroline Calais M.S., M.A., is a journalist living in Allen, Texas. The ex-model, fashionista and afghan hound lover, was born and raised in Sweden. She moved to the U.S in 1995 and is a naturalized American citizen. Caroline rides and shows reining horses.