By Jill Krause

A gallon of gas these days costs more than a drink at Happy Hour. So why spend the cash filling your car’s tank when you can take advantage of free and cheap public transportation options in DFW and fill your own tank with a yummy mojito? Here are a couple public transportation options in the DFW area that will get you to fun places, and maybe even provide a little fun along the way.

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McKinney Avenue Transit Authority (M-Line Trolley)

Uptown Dallas
(215) 855-0006, ext. 1
Cost: Free (voluntary donations are accepted)
Hours: Mon to Thurs 7am-10pm; Fri 7am-12am; Sat 10am-12am; Sun and holidays 10am-10pm

The M-Line Trolleys aren’t just public transportation; they’re an experience.
“The M-Line gives you an opportunity to ride back into history on the only transit line in North Texas that operates lovingly restored antique electric trolley cars running on some of Dallas’s oldest original trolley tracks,” says

The route runs the length of McKinney Avenue and a tiny part of St. Paul, from the intersection of Ross Avenue up to the intersection of Blackburn.

Since the M-Line connects parts of Uptown with the Arts District, it’s possible to grab a coffee at the shops at The Crescent, and then head to the Dallas Museum of Art or the Nasher Sculpture Center. After you’ve had your fill of culture, you can hop back on and finish your day off with dining and drinks at West Village.

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Trinity Railway Express

Downtown Dallas to Downtown Fort Worth
(817) 215-8600 or (214) 979-1111
Cost: Single Ride tickets from .75- $5, day pass from $1.50- $10
Hours: Trains run from approximately 5 am until 10:30-11:30 pm Monday through Saturday. The TRE trains do not operate on Sundays or on holidays.

The TRE train is meant to connect Downtown Dallas with Downtown Fort Worth. It departs Dallas at Union Station and the last stop (or first stop, depending on which way you’re heading) in Fort Worth is at Texas & Pacific (T&P) Station.

If you’re from Dallas and looking to escape to Fort Worth for the day, why not utilize the train ride to get you to Sundance Square? You’ll only be less than a mile from there when you’re dropped off at the T&P Station. Don’t worry; you don’t have to walk there. Hop on The T, Fort Worth’s bus system, and you’ll be there in minutes.

For Fort Worth residents looking to get away to Dallas, consider using the TRE next time you attend an event at American Airlines Center. The train stops at Victory Park, meaning you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot, and you can spend your ride home relaxing and rehashing the great rebounds at the Mavericks game instead of fighting traffic.

One thing to keep in mind about the TRE is it takes about an hour, and sometimes more, to get from one end of the route to the other.

Public transportation isn’t just for getting to and from work. Next time you’re planning a day or night out, consider the M-Line and the TRE. You might have as much fun on your journey as you will at your destination, or you’ll at least save some cash.

Jill Krause is a blogger, product ambassador and mother to two young children. You can find her humorous take on life as a parent at