(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Swimsuit season is just around the corner and while counting calories and fancy diets may help you rid unwanted pounds, a few tricks of the trade may help you look your best when you really feel you are at your worst. Accentuating your best features while hiding others is just the beginning of getting beach or poolside ready. From pear shapes to no shapes, fashion and swimwear designer La’Daska Powell dishes on her top five tips on finding the best swimsuit to fit your bodytype.

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Swimwear fashion designer La’Daska Powell is no rookie when it comes to designing swimwear for women and differing bodytypes. Creating customized looks for both the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and the Dallas Stars Ice Girls, Powell is a pro in identifying problem areas for women’s bodies and overall enhancing a woman’s best assets. Successfully launching her swimwear line in both Tampa and now Dallas, the Ladaska Mechelle swimwear brand is for the woman who is fashion-forward, innovative and cutting edge. Just fresh off of her Dallas Artopia fashion show appearance, La’Daska Powell shares her advice on how to properly fit a swimsuit to your bodytype.

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Hourglass Shape

According to Powell, an hourglass shape can get away with just about any type of swimsuit because this particular bodytype is known for being equally proportioned. For those looking to channel a more conservative yet sexy appearance, Powell suggests a high-waisted bottom paired with a bandeau top; similar to the Ladaska Mechelle “Leopard Bunny” two-piece that is found on her website. While bikinis will never go out of style, Powell emphasizes that one-piece swimsuits are becoming extremely popular with cut-out sides or see-through areas around the mid-section to create more sex appeal. For the hourglass shape, anything goes.

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Triangle Or Pear Shape

For women who are smaller on top and larger on the bottom, Powell has some exclusive tips for you. When donning a one-piece, choose a one-piece swimsuit that has a mid to low v-neck. Making this simple selection will draw attention upwards to your upper torso and away from your bottom areas. Prints, ruffles and bandeau tops look great on this bodytype if you want a two-piece. It will make the bust appear larger and more voluminous — easily evening out the proportions on both top and bottom.

Athletic Or Boyish Shape

This bodytype is representative of a rectangle shape — small top, little to no hips and small bottom. The focus for a woman with this body type should be to create a more definitive shape by developing a waistline and emphasizing the best features. Triangle or sporty halter tops with fringes are a great match for the athletic woman. Pair this with either a low rise hipster bottom or boy shorts and you have mastered the best swimsuits for this bodytype.

Apple Shape

Powell explains that an apple shape typically has a shorter torso with wide shoulders and a smaller bottom. At all costs, a woman with an apple shape should avoid swimsuits with halter tops. Bandeau tops or tankinis are the best swimsuits for this bodytype while swimsuit bottoms that have a higher cut on the leg portion will achieve the best look. To further create the illusion of the hourglass shape, wearing prints on both top and bottom will balance out this multi-faceted body shape.

Bottom Heavy Shape

Even though celebrities such as Kim Kardashian glamorize having a larger bottom half, most women are at a loss at how to accentuate this asset while still feeling comfortable and confident in a swimsuit. Powell advises that sticking to a soft mid-scoop bottom should lift the buns, minimize the derriere and balance the shape. For women with wider hips who Powell slyly coins as “hippie chicks”, these women need a low scoop bottom with a high leg to narrow out the hip region. To draw attention from the lower half, create a diversion with prints on top or a push-up swim top.

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